Mountainboard deck options

I’d like this thread to be a listing & discussion of all decks specifically used in mountainboarding (~30° nose and tip angles). I’m going to list as many as I can. Please comment with ones I may be missing and reviews you have and I will add to this top post. I’m trying to avoid cheap ali/ebay knockoffs unless they’re tried and true. A 1-10 rating poll will be eventually added to all decks for users of said deck to rate. Maybe one day it could be up there with the remote review article.


-Price range: $80 - $250
-Generally more firm

Trampa (MTB Blank Deck Mountain Boards)

-Price range: $200 - $340

  • More camber and flexy

LaCroix (Lacroix Boards - Like Nothing Else)

While writing this article, LaCroix has removed their original Prototipo board from the website
-Price range: $700 (includes enclosure)

  • Flexy, less camber than Trampa


-Price range: $290 (no longer listed for sale)

  • No review


-Price range: Decks no longer for individual sale

  • Flexy and camber like Trampa but with foot pedals

RIDEFLAME (rideflame onlineshop I Mountainboards I Decks)

-Price Range: $335

  • No review (looking at you @okp)

Where my mountainboarders at??

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Trampa mtb decks have zero concave from the factory.
I propose to use the term camber or something similar to differentiate concave from the arch of the deck.


Trampa holypro here with routed cables in the deck.

I find it one off the most beautiful decks.


Actually working on something special. Fully integrated mountainboard/Dirtboard… feeling of flexy but not. It will be available in deck only options and custom built options maybe a few prebuilt options as well.


I can only talk about Trampa decks (14&16ply, 74kg) beside my first MTB with wood deck (Kheo Bazik) which was quite stiff.

Every Trampa deck is flexy no matter the ply. If you want a stiffer deck go with something else. If the ply is right according to your weight the camber should (almost) vanish when you stand on it. If the deck is too “stiff” the stance would be crooked because of the camber. Personally I like the flat surface without concave but understand that many see this different. A mild concave could be interesting.


Trampa Urban Carver:
It’s my first MTB deck so I don’t have a lot to compare to, but I’m a big fan. The massive camber mellows out quite a bit once you stand on it, especially with the added weight of batteries and leaves the deck preloaded and ready for bumps and carving.

The carving on this is unreal compared to the wooden street decks I have used. I’m sure it also has something to do with the trucks but slamming your weight onto a rail gives a super nice bouncy carve that is tons of fun to go back and forth with.

IDK about you but I like the look of the plastic/glass fiber composite weave. It’s pretty light weight too. Compared to it’s true MTB brethren, the carver rides a bit higher off the ground because the 35 degree angled ends where the trucks mount are not as long. It also has a slightly shorter wheelbase due to the same reason. It is also slightly thinner but still has room for feet. my 9.5 shoe size overhangs a bit when at a ~55 degree angle so if you have big feet the carver might not be for you.


I finally got those f5 bindings this weekend… what a dream they are! All the reviews are right. They are leaps and bounds better than my original f1 bindings.

I keep seeing the concave footpads being used to “not need” bindings. Every concave board I tried would have been great on the road but could never match the true locked in feeling of bindings that one really needs when mountainboarding.

I am interested in a cambered board with a tiny bit of a foot concave combined with bindings. I think this would be new and ideal.

Anyone know if any of the Trampa deck bolt patterns accept MBS (traditional bolt pattern) trucks? Looks like only the 15 degree tip versions


I had to drill 2 holes for the front of my MBS matarix trucks. I don’t think they come pre-drilled to fit.

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Literally one photo up :expressionless:

lol thank you


I modded my deck with a concave.
It is very easy to do and I am extremely happy with the results for on and off road usage.
I strongly suggest to everyone with a Trampa deck to try it.
If you don’t like it (which I highly doubt) you can easily revert the deck to how it was.


Gents, trust me when I say everyone and their dad’s are working on LaCroix alternatives right now. In 6 months you’ll have a choice of 10 new boards to build on to.

The days of mtb/carver shortages will end soon.

5 Likes has this render of a kaly/trampa lookalike

Buts its been the same photo for like 6 months. I dunno if they have a sell able product yet.


This is what I’m talking about! When I’m riding, I’m rocking back and front with my feet. These pedals are great for that. I’m still a bindings guy. Even if it’s a street board, I’ll just run them loose like freebord bindings so I can hop out.


The concave does not replace bindings.
It compliments them.


@taz we are on the same page brother :sunglasses:


Trampa deck rider over here. Carver 15ply for a short time than holy pro 15 and 16ply. I can’t compare it to other decks for now but i‘m very happy with the decks. I wouldn’t recommend the decks for people driving without bindings. It’s a solid off-road deck, but not a carver (even the carver :sweat_smile:) the missing concave is just too much a downside if to compare to other available decks like the kaly.
If I look back I would probably rather take a 16ply instead of the 15ply deck I have (85+kg). It’s super comfortable to ride with 15ply and I like the flex, but with time and more confidence, I started to jump more, which end up with bottom out the deck pretty each jump. I very much like as well that I don’t need to worry that the deck will brake :sweat_smile:

Used to ride Trampa. Pretty much retired it in favor of MBS Pro97 DWII. Stiff deck + asymmetrical concave is a win, the rides significantly more predictable. Only complaint is the wide ends, hits the motor mounts at full tilt. Tires + shock pads does enough to soak up the vibrations.

The old Pro 90 from MBS was a great kiteboard deck that I had no problem riding without bindings, too bad its discontinued


Damn I really like the new Warren but the nose and tail need cut down for sure in order to be electrified properly. Weird how it’s cheaper than the older retaliation.

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Can’t you grind down the ends of your deck ?

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