Motor 80100 which

Hello riders
I am looking for high performance motors which one do you recommend in 80100?
Flipsky or APS or fatjay or another ?

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Aps can customize a motor shaft for you for a one off project. I’d tend to trust them over whatever is going on at flipsky.

What are you making?


Don’t buy from APS if the motors are on backorder. It can take ages to get them in this case. They do have a pretty good customer service thou, which you could profit from.
With all other companies from china you will very likely get no support if something is wrong with the motors.


I would like to do speed tests and put up to 20 s and 149 amps per motor
what is happening at flipsky ?

I use the FS6384 on 20S and 200A per motor and it works fine. There is no need for 80100 motors in ESK8.


Maytech has an 8085 motor, flipsky had a 80100 130kv

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If you run a 6384 cont. on 200A that thing is gonna melt. Highly doubt that you’re pulling anywhere near that number for longer than maybe 2 sec.

Where is anyone able to pull 200A con. on an ESK8? You won’t full throttle any ESK8 with over 14kW.

200a is ezpz… At 3s with 2:1 ratio

200a total motor current isnt that hard if you’re a bit heavier.

We’re talking about 2x200A on 20S. I doubt it…

Total motor current. As in 100 per motor. Doesn’t matter if it’s 3s or 20s, the amount of torque you have from a setup like that is dependant on your gear ratio.

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we’re not talking about 100 phase AMPs per motor and obviously if you go on 20S you will use another KV and/or gearing… So yeah it makes a huge difference.

Oh what the hell, 200 battery amps at 20s? Do we have an esc capable of that?

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I do…

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Do you have some logs? Still kinda doubting that you actually pull 200A per motor. :smile:


You can pull 200A for a couple seconds on steep hills. Dono if I tracked it or not.

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Maybe buy the 80100 from Flipsky, but unmount them to check everything is OK.

Change all the bearings to 2RS ones.

Fix loose windings with epoxy.

I didn’t add epoxy around the magnets and didn’t have any issues.

I bought mines (130kv) from APS a long time ago. One of them had windings rubbing with some strator part.

ZZ bearings died quickly.

APS or Flipsky 8085 motors seem to be more prone to overheating then the 80100 ones.


I think that motor is an older oddity from before flipsk’s battle hardening and general quality improvements, though I’m not very certain of that. They give less detail about it and don’t brag about stator steel or anything like that which is maybe pointing towards an older tech, though the claimed power to weight ratio is very similar to (slightly higher than) their current stuff like the 6384 so that suggests at least by their own measure it’s a decent performer.

This is probably just adding confusion, I just haven’t seen much discussion on these so I’m trying to Cunningham’s law my way into some info

I have to use the trigger of the remote control fully for 2min


The stators on maytechs seem to be hilariously small, that one is only 25mm long, as opposed to 45mm on a flipsky 6374. Shorter motor, almost double the stator length.

Obviously the Maytech is wider at 68mm vs 53 because it’s a much wider motor, but their “packing ratios” for want of a better word of stator size for motor dimensions are Not Great

6374 dimensions:

Maytech 8085 dimensions: