Metr Pro CAN [available to order]

This day on Nov 22nd, 4 years ago Metr project was launched :birthday: Since then it has been non-stop development with new products, a lot of new features and improvements. All of that was possible because of this awesome community and we would like to say thank you! For your feedback and support :partying_face:

Today we are finally ready to offer our new module - Metr Pro CAN. Some of you got tired waiting for this one but we really wanted to make sure everything was done properly :nerd_face: The new module has all the features of the old one plus more, one of the biggest changes is that it now connects over CAN. Which means you can use UART port for other things!

We went with a modular design keeping the base model slim and affordable. We knew some of you just needed the CAN option!


For those of you who want offline logs, not taking your phone on a ride with you, we went ahead and added an SD card shield with optional GPS module. We partnered up with @SabreDynamics who designed us an awesome 3D printed case.


All models can be configured with external antennas.

We are really happy with the design, the modules are very compact.


The small battery keeps RTC alive while the module is powered off to keep track of the time. While @janpom was beta testing one of our units we came up with a cool little idea, DAVEGA fetching current time from Metr Pro CAN and displaying it. We plan to do more integration down the road. Also big thanks to the rest of our BETA testing team @xsynatic @visnu777 @rene who helped testing since May.


  • Dimensions 30mm x 22mm x 8mm (base model)
  • Dimensions 37mm x 27mm x 17mm (3D printed case)
  • 2x JST GH to PH 150mm cables
  • Supports 125K/250K/500K/1M CAN baud
  • Automatic CAN baud detection

Every existing feature of Metr Pro that you might expect including:

  • Plug and play setup
  • Up to 4WD realtime data
  • Secure BLE with PIN code
  • Over-the-Air updates
  • Optional external antenna

Each module is carefully assembled and tested by @hexakopter in Germany. The assembly has already started, we are just waiting for some cables and parts.


We expect to start shipping orders mid December :santa:

Prices before VAT

Metr Pro CAN €59
Metr Pro CAN + SD card shield €89
Metr Pro CAN + SD card shield + GPS module €99
External antenna €12

Order now at

If you have any questions, let us know :slight_smile:


amazing new stuff

can this be wired in if your already using the canbus port?

Yes, theoretically you can connect as many as 254 devices to CAN bus.


i wouldve taken 255 but now…


Congratulations @rpasichnyk!

Tons of hard work & effort put into this project and it certainly shows.


Congratulations on the Launch.

Testing the module was great fun and at first i didn’t think metr could get any better. Metr products are one of, if not the most favorite pieces of Esk8 equipment i own.


Yes, but currently, when transferred to the phone, record will still be compressed like usual. There is a limitation on the server for the record size, that’s why


In that case it would be split or number of data points would be reduced to fit?
But if I can still plug the SD on my pc and get the full log it’s good

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Micro SD? What kind of file size are the logs, to ask what amount of storage is needed?
*edit zoomed in on the pic, def micro.


Yes you can. A tool would be required for decoding the format, but we can fix that.

About 2-3 megabytes per hour.


So it’s not the same as current app format files I can download through iTunes? That my script can already understand and work with, but no worries if you can help

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I presume it needs a 5v supply so can’t check batery charge status unless VESC is on


VESC has to be ON, yes.

I know there is a use case when FlexiBMS is ON and VESC is OFF. Theoretically it should be possible to take 5v from FlexiBMS and operate without VESC but that would require a lot of changes in the software. Can not promise when it can be done, but it can be done.


Awesome piece of tech, very well made and I feel honoured I could design the case for it :love_you_gesture:


Oh man. This looks awesome and My metr pro is the most usefull esk8 tool i own. I Always recommend people buy a metr and i really want another uart back but . . .

FUCK ME that price is STEEP.

Not sure about in the rest of EU but for us in UK this works out at just under £125 with logging and gps. not sure i can justify that just so i don’t have to have my phone connected.


Going to chime in on this too. The Infinity Logger does the same thing for $56.
I understand the software development of this takes a lot of time and is an ongoing thing, but paying nearly €150 for this is ridiculous. I can buy a decent ESC for that money.

Its about €30 in hardware; pcb, antenna, whip and chips included.

Could not disagree more. A functional, useful device requires a lot more than just raw hardware components. The software development costs that go into creating embedded devices (with accompanying mobile development) are a considerable amount of the overall development labor that goes into producing a complete product like this.

4 years of development doesn’t appear out of thin air, and you’re also paying for the technical support and documentation efforts that have gone into the project. The assembly costs, QA/QC labor, import costs, & warranty overhead. These all add up.

By all means, one sets their own value in any purchase, but it’s completely unfair & inaccurate to try to value a product at hardware component cost alone.


Its almost as if you didn’t read this line of my post at all.




Brian just breathe slowly for a minute :pray: :sweat_smile: