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Metr Pro CAN [available to order]

I did, which is why I said everyone is welcome to value things as they see fit.

I’m pointing out that citing hardware component cost here is a false equivalence in a product that is 95% software development in regards to labor spent. BOM cost is largely irrelevant.


I think you have to buy the GPS separated on the infinity logger

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Whilst I completely agree with this coming from an EE background, I just don’t think the hardware cost is justifiable at all. I would much rather pay for a subscription or a one time license per module to support the development than to pay this much for a small piece of hardware. Even though I love my original metr and the app works great.


This discussion has come up before.

While it would be great for the consumer, it might not cover the bills for the Metr team.

The price is the price, I don’t think it’s reasonable to dispute it in the public arena.


It’s only 15 bucks

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Dude what is timing for these to come out right when we find out you can’t use both uart ports on the first batch stormcores


Ordered. I should be able to fit this in my flux deck.


Ordered one as well. It will be perfect for my eFoil. Ride, log everything, and download logs later.

CAN or UART, doesn’t really matter to me, but the SD card + GPS are killer features for eFoils.


Please post a build thread for your efoil


I will definitely document it when I actually start building it. I am currently gathering parts. I’ll move from the US to Finland in the end of May, and I’ll build the board when I arrive there. The main reason for this is the battery logistics…


Is the metr CAN able to be connected to a FlexiBMS and vesc simultaneously?

Dual esc I don’t but many do

Also if your using uart remote you sort of have to



Yes. Both Metr Pro and Metr Pro CAN. The difference is that first is using UART connection to VESC and then CAN to FlexiBMS. Second is using CAN to both of them.

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Can both metr Pro and Metr CAN be connected to an ESC simultaneously?


Yes, they can.


Already been answered but yes they can. It actually saved my butt a few months ago as i was stuck in a forest at 8pm, 15km or so from home. Got abs_overcurrent faults as soon as i moved the trigger just 1%. Vesc wouldn’t allow any changes but switching between both metr back and forth somehow let me change something so i was able to ride home. Later that day both neoboxes used in that trip died, one forever.


Another test with Metr Pro CAN + SD + GPS

External GPS is a tiny bit more accurate (at least compared to my phone) and has a higher refresh rate (phones OS try to save battery, for example iOS has 1 second resolution). But I don’t think any of it is noticeable in esk8 applications really. Just a small detail.


When you are connected over UART, it is possible to “shoot yourself in the foot” and disable UART through the app. And be locked out. You can not disable CAN the same way, it is always enabled. Maybe that’s what happened.


Having 2x Focbox or any other 2xESC connected by CANBUS plus a DAVEGA, do you still recommend CAN version over UART? Thanks.

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