Meepo Hurricane Vs Ownboard Zeus

Hey guys. I am newly interested in the electric skateboard area and wanted to buy my first board. I have been looking around and found two boards that seem to meet the three things I value most. The Meepo Hurricane and the Ownboard Zeus. The three things I value are:

1 - Range
2 - Speed
3 - Price

For range, I want a board that can do around 40 miles. I live in a heavy suburb area and pretty far (20-minute drive) from friends. Now I’m not going to use an electric skateboard to go the distance but if I could then why not have the option.

Regarding speed, I want a board that can hit 30+ mph. I know I’m a new rider but the high speeds are something I really want and am looking forward to.

Finally price. My range is no more than $2000. I have seen high-end boards such as but those are something that I would get as an upgrade a few years down the line.

As for the information to get the distance and speed. I am pretty light coming in at 125 pounds (with gear it would be 135 tops). I live mid-east coast so it gets pretty chilly here in the winter (easily in the 30s). I have looked around at some reviews of the boards but the Zeus is pretty new and the Hurricane is as well. I haven’t been able to find anything that is similar to the conditions that I would be riding in.

In short. I would like if anyone could help me out with picking which of the two I should get as a first board for speed and range.

Forgot to mention that I am currently leaning toward the Zeus over the Hurricane.

We have 2 threads dedicated to each board that should help you.


thx for the threads. I went through them and came to the census of going with the Zeus (until I start changing my mind last minute). I think since I’m light that if I go mode three (30~ mph) then I can still get the range of 35 to 40 miles on the cloud wheels. Now I need to decide if I want the 97mm or the 6-inch wheels with the clouds. Def want cloud cuz they seem like a mix of the 6-inch and the 97mm but I’m not sure which of the other ones I want.

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If you want to hit any grass paths at all, go for the 6".

Clouds feel like nice cushy thane to me. I hardly ride anything with thane anymore unless I’m kick pushing it.