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lets add some facts for better understanding :wink:
Mini x based on VESC HW 6.6:
Current: Continuous 30A, maximum instantaneous pulse 100A
Size: Long * Wide * High 50 * 50 * 10

Mini x+ based on VESC HW 6.6:
Current: Continuous 50A, maximum instantaneous pulse 100A
Size: Long * Wide * High 60.5 * 50 * 12


Just remake a vesc 6 🤷


…and make it cheaper 🤷


Small size, higher performance, lower price!


If you can build a 200a single vesc 6.6 like flipsky for a better price, i would be impressed.

A high current ebike controller around the $150 to $200 mark would be amazing to have. Right now, flipsky is overcharging way too much for theirs at $250usd plus shipping. Its just an ordinary vesc with extra fets.

If you could make them cheap, i would buy 3.
2 for a dual 80100 board, and 1 for a ebike test at some point

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On another note, what are all those tantalum caps (i assume) for? Ive never seen something like that as far as i know

:sneezing_face::laughing: ja ja 200A… flipsky… for this you need the 800A anti spark from them too… :wink:
If the flipsky can do more than 80A constant I would be super suprised.


Their dual 6.6 100a per channel lives up to its ratings. It does 100a at 12s for me for extended periods of time just fine. But lets be honest, a unity or anything else cant meet its rated current non stop. The only test ive seen on the 200a single was for a gokart sort of thing. It was pulling over 170 for several minutes. Ill link the vid when i find it. Its buried in my unsorted youtube likes somewhere.

The antispark was rated wrong as well. Its safe for more like 60a cont. The mosfets are rated for 400a a piece under optimal conditions, but that would never happen. The ratings were fixed last i knew. The only people that list it wrong were the bangood resellers and other similar groups


I want to see an xt90 at 200A for 5min conatant without melting away :sweat_smile:
As I said in other threads before, we should have something like a data base with a standart stresstest for vescs and batteries.
That would be great to see how far the escs hold up to there specs.
maybe one day we will get to this point.
I think for esk8 applications a VESC 6+ amp rating should work for 95% of all people. for the rest an additional heat sink will manage the overheating.
For e-surf or other application that its an other story than.


It doesn’t come with an xt90 afaik. I assume people use xt150 or better. I have been pleasantly surprised with flipsky and how accurate their current ratings are on both their vescs and motors. The biggest warning sign with alot of escs are the wires. FS uses gauges that are actually capable or almost capable of running the rated current infinitely. It drives me nutty that the unity claims a certain rating yet its using 14awg wire and and xt60 for a power connector.

Soon i will have all my boards connected with Bluetooth data logging so i would love to submit data to a thread like that. I thinks its a great idea to have a “data only, no side conversations” thread.

Lets not derail this thread anymore. This poor guy is trying to sell his stuff and make a living and we come crashing in… i would love to talk more over pm of you care to!


Do you have a youtube channel or something similiar showing these running? I think i will be picking up one of your dual 4.xx ones and a single maker-x

I just really want to see them go. Its not a deal breaker if there’s no video of course.


Welcome to buy,50 new stocks.
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No soldered wires?

Yeah, they work with the latest WiFi Bluetooth transmission technology :roll_eyes::joy:

That picture should just show that they all in stock. They come how you can order them on the website, with all you need. Even heatsink :wink:


Reduced price could mean no wires or heatsink. Why I ask :joy:

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With a shell. There are also accessories pack

$125 will get these!