MAD Fury. MAD hubs Direct Drive conversion

Hi! Finnaly I finish my first DD coversion. I used the MAD hubs. That has been the idea behind since the beginning of the group buy… Now only time will tell if they are gonna last. I designed to be reversable so in case I can come back to the original configuration.

Mad Fury 75Kv

The origin and designing

The production

Coming together…


Jump in the future…

MAD Fury Beta round arrived!

Final result :call_me_hand:

  • ABEC

  • Kegel

Thanks everyone for the support!

You will see them also on Thanos ThaNoS_Short AT commuter_ ChooChoo deck | MAD Fury DD | Hammock Adj Base Plate


killing the game bro hope testing goes well

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thanks! Well I have been using the Mad Fury I made for like 5 months now. Over 700km. But it’s true that this upgraded full metal version is new.


What’s the expected power output and cost for these?

Power forms on the setting and battery. I used 6380 more for them :smirk:
Cost don’t know the prototype costs always more then the final version. Compare to Mad Fury here is dim scratch. I think would be more towards 600-700$.

so are these open to sale soon or have you already got buyers?

cause i’ll buy some.

Question for you. The trucks you use seem to be Paris clones if I’m correct, won’t putting heavy DD to the trucks weaken the structural integrity of the axles?


Hi. I just finished the GB for them and shipped them out yesterday. I have one full kit left 75Kv.

If you check better you will see that I used Paris truck for my prototype where I shorter the axle and made a 12mm steel sleeve on top. I am using it everyday and it holds up fine. Anyhow for the final model I provided I made a custom hanger with full 12mm steel axle. There is nothing left of the Paris :sweat_smile: it’s all CNC and lathe made.
It’s because here you see the short thread version. If you check in the other forum you will see the whole story.


k ill pm you tmrw. i have to go to sleep or else my parents will kill me.

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Ahahah sure sure. No problem. Good night!

Very interesting, wouldn’t the axles still face a problem if I jump curves with them? those axles must be made out of titanium to hold up! Look forward to hearing progress on these.
This thing looks like a beast! What does it weigh in?

Are 12mm full stain steel step down to 10mm. To me are rock solid but Yeh in general everything has a breaking point. I sued stronger Alu for the hanger and stain steel for the axle. For sure are stronger then what available in the skateboard truck market. They are conperable to precision truck for material I guess


Work of art, that 2mm will definitely do the job if it’s stainless steel

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I think that the main trouble is along the axle not the step down. So there is 4mm from 8 to 12mm.the step down could also be 8mm. It’s a short 35mm in lenght. Won’t be a problem anyway.

Thanks man appreciate.

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to follow …

BIG UP mate :pray: !!!


Damn everyone makes better pictures then me…:joy:

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Not everyone. I suck at taking pics.



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