[WTS] Mad Fury Direct Drive - littly used (EU) (FR)

Hi, gens!

I want to sell my Mad Fury conversion kit with Mad hub motors, for RKP hanger, with ABEC style adapter, just little-used last summer.

Here is the most damaged can sides (so yeah, its nothing as the can is not directly the rotor but an over-protection!) :

Asking 360€

More info : MAD Fury. MAD hubs Direct Drive conversion


Is it convertible back to hubs but as is? Cause that’s a sick narrow hanger you got there :laughing:

For DH like setup, is it 130/150mm at motors ends? Looks like a 195mm wide in DD layout.

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What didn’t you like about it?


It’s a pretty wide hanger under all that.


Do you know how long that is, from the stepped part to the other stepped part? (Like where a normal hanger would end)

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Any use?


You end up around 300mm wide with wheels installed if that can help.


I can answer for that. Yes it’s capable of go back to hub. An adapter was included with the kit. Although I prefer it DD :grin:

Ah no, axle end to end is 290mm. That was the narrowest I could make it.


So you had to bore 12mm through whole hub right?

Yes. I made a tool to fix the hub and drill it in the center. Otherwise the risk to damage the wires is really high.


Gloops… narrow ? :upside_down_face:

Désolé Chris, tu parle trop bien anglais j’ai pas tout compris je crois, hésite à revenir vers moi en MP en fr ^^

It wide enough to fit perfectly TB218 truck in front :

Yes, it’s why it comes with the OG Mad Hub package

Basically nothing, except the exposition of the motor, now Im not in Paris or flat city with clean roads. Maybe also the lack of power compared to a geared setup that I’m used to.
I have tried hub motor a little bit in the past. Here are a good upgrade and a step more for power !! Plus they heat less !

I like the free-rolling, I like the simplicity of DD system, and be able to use standard wheels is a big plus ! Also, the possibility to go home in cut off mode by simply pushing is awesome for me.
Less mechanical part etc. but, with the really bad road here, real hub motors will be better for my use (or even a nano gear drive … but it will take a lot around here). I would like to put them again in hub motor version to be fair,… but I got the DD conversion kit that coasts more than the hub itself so, I had to let it go because I’m afraid to use it and damage it… it’s why it’s laying around since last year.



I would say exposition :grin:

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Ooops, you’re right, my bad translate hahaha :laughing::+1: (I edit)

You made a super work here @rey8801 !! Definitly a kind of masterpiece I would keep for my esk8 room museum if i could afford it!


Thanks man. Was a fun project :grin:. It’s good to let parts go when you don’t need them anymore. We keep experimenting at the end.


Come on gents ! Thinks about your new summer build with a great DD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !!


There are people thinking about it :upside_down_face:

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What kv are the hubs?

75 kv

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I offer shipping in all EU :v:

I want these, if only you were in the US :pray: