LAVAGIRL - tomiboi MTB | ubox v1 | 12s8p p42a | Luna 350s

Yo! First real build thread, forgive me if it’s not as elegant as some of the others I’ve seen.

Super excited to share my progress so far – the foundation for this build was my evo, which was my first venture into a true DIY board. Everything before was either prebuilt or a deck swap.


Parts list:
Spintend ubox v1
12s8p p42a molicel, LLT smart BMS
tomiboi MTB + DS enclosure
Luna 350 hangars
BN adjustable baseplates
BN m1-AT drives, 3.95 helical
BN GT3 hubs
Lacroix 190mm Tires


I absolutely loved my evo build – that deck will always hold a special place in my heart. I loved being able to cruise at 40mph+ while it stayed steady as a rock, and it was surprisingly comfortable for a stiff deck. My only issue with this build was the lack of flex and the lack of range. With the 12s4p p42a I was running, I’d typically get 15-20 or so miles on 8 inch wheels.


I found my solution in the form of a @tomiboi garage sale! Got this carbon fiber lined deck and enclosure combo for a super good deal compared to the normal price. This was my excuse to begin my upgrades. The deck is a stiff-flex, which is perfect for my high speed needs, and satisfies my desire for a flexy deck. The new double-stack enclosure fits a beefy 12s8p, which solves my range anxiety. Perfect! Let’s do it.


First things first, I need a new, bigger battery. I had a local buddy of mine whip up a new p42a 12s8p, and we’re off!

At this point, I was under the impression that my BN270s + adjustable baseplates would work with the deck, and the build was done. Sadly, no amount of angle adjustment could make the board rideable – either I couldn’t turn at all, or the wheels bit the deck. Not enough in between. That means I either need new trucks or smaller wheels.

Solution: Luna 350s!

These beautiful, huge hangars allow me to use my existing BN baseplates, and solve all of my wheelbite problems. All I need is new truck adapters for my m1-AT drives, and Kevin sells those! Easy!

Nope. Kevin is all out of the adapters, and the next batch is a month+ away. Shit.

@Savage1 to the rescue! This kind fellow offered to machine my existing adapters to fit the 22*22 Luna/Apex profile. I also ordered my Lunas with 10mm axles, so Kevin’s 12mm adapters wouldn’t have worked anyhow. Savage really saved my ass here.

A week or so later, and boom – freshly machined adapters:

Next, I put the drives back together with the updated adapters, and regreased everything. The pre-assembled drives came with very little grease, and when I reassembled everything I used a good bit more. The difference in noise level is crazy. The video may not do it justice, but my drives are quieter than typical belt setups. It sounds so smooth. Why do people run no grease?

Now, I’ve got the drives assembled and just need the loctite to cure. I have new integrated brake lights coming in the mail any day now, and I’ll be leaving town for a short trip tomorrow, so I’m thinking the final assembly will happen sometime in the next week. I can’t wait to see how this board rides.


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Looove it. Look forward to hearing how she rides.

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Nice! Question though: why did you order 10mm axles if you knew you’d be running pneumatics? :sweat_smile:


I’ve been running pneumatics on 10mm axles for 500miles or so on my BN270s without any issues…

Should I be concerned? :sweat_smile:


Nah, just slightly more expensive and harder to find bearings, that’s all. 10mm is actually really nice for repurposing parts in the future for urethane setups :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I was using 10mm bearings previously, so I figured it would be easiest to stick with it. Didn’t even think about 12mm.

I do like being able to use a skate tool for my axles. Makes things a lot easier. And I have plenty of 10mm bearings to spare :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a sharkboy esk8?


My Vanguard build will be Sharkboy – gotta complete the pair :sweat_smile:


Very nice :+1:


Sweet! Not far off the build I’m gonna be starting, except different trucks and drives. Using a Tomiboi deck and 12s8p as well :+1:t2:

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Also, I get a kick out of dogs having a conversation in a thread :rofl:


What did you end up finding for break lights? Did you get some of those 12v led Amazon jobs or did you go with something else?

Looks really good so far btw


Sicko mode


I got another set of the Ecomobl headlights. Going to tint the lamps red and call it good.


Looks awesome! What wheel hubs are those?

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Boardnamics GT3 hubs!


They look awesome

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