Kushboard Nano, lightweight build | 121c Orbiter deck | Custom motor mount | 10s2p VTC6 | 6374 190KV | Flipsky 4.12 | 77A Caguamas

The Kushboard Nano!

So far the boards i’ve built are relatively heavy and me being an average dude, i can’t carry them well when i’m unable to ride it. With my Spud build being 8 kilos, its time to build a lightweight Kushboard :star_struck:

The goal is to have a low powered board with a weight of maybe 4~6 kilos. I went with a 7s2p 30Q battery, so it’s pretty tiny.

For this build, i went with the @avX urethane gear drive, and it involves cutting the hangar for it to fit the gear drive.

Went to Jeff’s place to set it up

Installed it to a 121c Orbiter Carbon fiber deck. Honestly i laughed a bit after installing both trucks because it looks so goofy haha

Here’s the insides, 7s2p 30Q battery, Flipsky 4.12 ESC, Lunacycle Antispark switch. Surprisingly with everything except the enclosure, it weighs right smack at 5 kilos. I figured it’ll be 6 kilos from the 97mm abecs.

Now comes a problem… The battery is a bit too wide for the deck, and i did not want to go for a double stack. There’s only about 10mm of space if the battery is in the middle, so the enclosure can’t have a flange coming at the sides.

Sketched out how things are gonna go in.

Jeff came through and helped me design an enclosure so that it fully utilizes the full width of the deck’s space. Here’s some CAD porn.


The enclosure will be sent in to be printed in Nylon. I was planning to have it printed in a cheaper filament and then mold it in fiberglass but just this time, i figured outsourcing it to get printed would be the better option.

Meanwhile, i had the bottom and sides glossed up.


Fits snugly, any more components and i think it wouldn’t fit.
Drilling and inserting And to cut the protrusions.

You know i gotta spray it


Comparison in size with a Jet spud on 107s

Now, in real world range, i got about 22km from 95% battery, on paved pathways that were relatively smooth and flat, with a couple inclines here and there. I weigh 70kg, so this amount of range is perfect, since this build is for shorter commutes and for portability, the most important aspect.

Overall, this is a cute little board to ride to work because i work nearby my place, and or to the mall to run errands etc because its light and small sized. Wished i could have gone 90mm with Popocas but the Avio gear drive could only accommodate 97mm wheels and above. That being said, clearance is not the best on 97mms. So only smooth roads are ok on this board. Any pebbly areas or construction sites is a no go.

After awhile, i found that the Nylon gearbox is prone to damage and i fear that it may get worse in future so i did the unthinkable and made a… single DD?

Ok hear me out, this gave me pretty good clearance but there were some issues which i will get to in a bit, but here’s the rundown of what i did.

I took a hub motor, and retrofit it to a Caliber truck.

Mounted it onto the Orbiter build.

And in a perfect world, this would’ve work and i would have a super stealthy little commuter. But Skatan said naaah sod off.

Watch the vid if you wanna cringe from the terrible sounds that came from the motor from running FOC detection. Both BLDC and FOC had issues, which has the worst crunching sound known to man next to the annoying dude eating chips in the theatre. However, FOC was able to pass detection upon increasing to 10A duty cycle, despite the terrible sound.

Throttling however, crackling sounds persist. Note that the motor spins freely when hand spun. Oh well.

Other than that, i tried accelerating while on it, testing it down my hallway. It can lug me with some effort, but brakes are literally non existent.

Ok no worries, chuck that discount Carvon away and see what else i can do. I can’t do a belt drive as much as i’d like to due to a belt drive being longer and may hit the enclosure. And reverse mounting it on a board with a kicktail is just redundant.

Make a smaller gear drive! Thanks to the help of Ervine, who goes by @ervinelin on the other forum.
This is his gear drive design, on a single 6374, 90mm wheels.

He had a spare aluminum mount so i was able to use this for the drive.
3D printed in PLA to test fit Fitting time! This is on 17/41 gearing. The Avio drive is 17/45. This gearbox is slightly smaller as well.

Once it all fits nicely, i got the gearbox printed in Nylon

Oh yea. It’s done.

In result, i got better ground clearance which is about 12mm from the ground, whereas previously it was about 3mm off the ground. Range remains about the same at 22~25km, since i free roll a lot.

Okay, that’s all folks! Sorry for the long post. I might continue messing around with the Direct drive retrofitting and all, for science!


Also if anyone wants a limited edition Avio urethane single gear drive PM me. It’s almost new since i changed the gearbox and with the updated logo, i dig it but i don’t need another gear drive. Comes with the front and back truck, and the drive system.


Amazing work as always!
You are an artist :slight_smile:

Cant help with the vesc, but im sure other members can chime in on that :slight_smile:


So… upgrade time.

I plan to use this for work commute and there is a steep bridge where it’s hard to climb. I would use my spud for that but carrying a 10kg board isnt ideal since I have to climb two bridges on the way.

I have an enclosure that can fit a 10s2p and a 4.12 VESC.

Also planning to use a 6374 instead. Running on 14/44 gearing.

I sanded the deck lightly and sprayed a color change paint just to test it out. It looks way better than I imagined. Because CF is black underneath, I can see the CF peeking from a certain angle

I’ll be painting the enclosure and setting it all up soon.


gawd @Linny you do some really incredible work!@!

1 quick ?.. in the hub adapter I see something that looks like stiffening rods… is that so? great Idea, how was that manufactured??

thanks for your inspiration.

the color change paint over the CF is awesome…


The rods are actually M3 bolts screwed from behind. I didnt use this gear drive anymore because the gearing didnt give good enough torque


great idea to stiffen the adapters,
you rock, Linny!


that’s a GREAT Idea… I’m gunna steal IT!!! no regrets… thanks…


Btw read my title

The gear drive wasn’t made by me, it’s by a guy who goes by @ervinelin on the other forum. He used to be my esk8 neighbour haha


hahaha, had a language barrier on your title first, but now i know better.
That ball licking doesnt have any benefit at all.
i will never do that again hahahahah

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I’m sure it picked up some weight with the motor and battery change. Is the belt combo lighter than the gear drive?

Good question, i think the belt drive is a bit heavier because i’m using an aluminum belt pulley. The extra weight is collateral damage haha, i think it should be about 6.5kg final or so. Before then it was exactly at 5kg.


How does your board compare to the commercial Backfire Mini for example? That one is around 5 kg, I guess.

I’ve not tried the Backfire Mini yet so i can’t give a fair comparison.

The deck is a bit longer and wider as far as i know.

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Why not 6396? You got the space. And someone is running a groupbuy for them right now.

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More weight, and also more $ haha, the 6374 I already have, it’s just lying around.

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Sorry if I’m missing it - what’s up with the new enclosure - was something wrong with the old? Also, any plans to post files for new?

He’s running 10S now. This was 7 or 8 before.

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I like this board a lot. Looking to build something 5kg ish as well. Dual 5045s to save weight.

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I’m not allowed to as the model is not my design. But you maaaaay see this enclosure coming in a prebuilt sometime in the future.

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