Kushboard Pico, an even lighter build! | 121c Orbiter | BN 145mms Belt drive | 10s1p P42A | Mach 1s |

This build will be a downsize from my current build, the Nano. It uses a 10s2p 30Q pack, flipsky 6.7, and a 6374.

Parts list!

Deck : 121C Orbiter
Trucks : Boardnamics 145mm hangars with 48 deg baseplates
Wheels : Venom Mach 1s
Motor : SKP 6374 190kv Reachers
Motor mount : Boardnamics 63mm non idler belt drive
Battery 10s1p P42A with Daly BMS bypass discharge
Antispark switch : Flipsky smart enhanced switch
ESC : Flipsky 6.7 Mini
Enclosure : Prolly gonna make it myself in fiberglass

I’m making this one a bit lighter, and going with a 10s1p P42A pack, a flipsky 6.7 mini, and a reacher 6374. Other things to make it a little more premium are the BN 145 hangars and 48 deg baseplates. Titanium bolts, all that jazz. I went with the Mach 1s and dyed them green, because i will never use white wheels…

Okay, enough of that. Some pics!

Dyeing the wheels

The Orbiter Deck with the wheels

Got a SKP 6374, 190kv

Assembling the hangars, cleaning the threads with alchohol as well as the hole inside the hangar, and applying blue threadlocker.

@JoeyZ5 was very kind to send me the model of the riser that he used for his Orbiter build, and i got help from @Venom121212 to edit a groove so it’ll function as a tunnel riser. Thanks guys!

All of the parts. I’m going with a belt drive for this, as there is no gear drive available that would be compatible with the Mach 1s.

There’s the mock up, i’ll have to cut the motor shaft shorter so it’s flush with my motor pulley, then i’ll install it inside the riser properly. Stay tuned!


Super cool! I just made a light 1WD shortboard with Venom Magnum wheels as well. They are nice.

Might want to extend the motor shaft, that way you prevent a slipping drive wheel. Cool build!


What am I seeing here? One motor but 2wd??


This kinda stuff


These look amazing! How did you keep the yellow parts from turning blue? And the white outline whaaat? Some kind of sorcery!

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This is super interesting…

The parts that did not turn green are screen prints on the wheel. Those do not absorb dye so hence they retained the color for the most part.


Can you show me what your feet look like on this deck?

Is it comfortable or is it just a tiny death trap…
And what is the wheel base.

I can’t wait to see more!!!


Where can I get a motor like that?

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Odrive has one at least, Flipsky carries an unbranded one too

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100% a death trap I can’t stand riding it :sweat_smile:

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It’s 25" if i remember right so it’s fairly short, i stand edge to edge pretty much. Joey and i shifted the rear truck holes further back by a bit, the original holes, back then would have me falling often when the front lifts when accelerating.

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The internals. 10s1p, antispark and ESC.



Are you going to use a BMS?

Yep, just forgot to bring it to the workshop today. I’ll be using the tiny Daly 10s one.


That’s a lovely little machine. Wouldn’t expect anything different from you though.


You’ve returned! Welcome back


Not quite, I replaced the shaft myself and it’s quite a bit longer, but yeah, something like this. It’s also really easy to do, and makes single drive boards a lot more drivable.


I’m curious about the range you got out of this pack