keeping it [EU] Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship Deck

Hi everyone,

I’m selling an Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship Deck with very little use. This has been used as a push board for like 10km. It has a pretty nice coarse griptape at the moment but it can be removed and a nice dark wood veneer revealed.
It’s a great long distance pusher because it’s pretty low.

Some specs:
Length: 38"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 29.25"
Plys: Maple 8 ply
And some damn nice concave :smiley:

Price: 100€ + pp-fees + shipping from Germany

The pictures (I’m just selling the deck)

Some example esk8 builds:


I’m keeping it

@xsynatic please close ^^

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