Rosebud / Arbor Dropcruiser / DKP / 6354 / 12s4p Unity

First build.

Ive been riding pre-builts, Evolve GTR, Backfires, and a Revel Kit w/ Omakase deck. But all this DIY talk of how much better a board can be, really got me interested!

I really liked the GTR, on TB110 wheels it was a great ride. But its over heating, lack of hill climbing ability, and relatively low top speed made me want more. So decided to jump into the DIY scene and its been a lot of fun, reading through the forum has been a great resource.

The goal of this was to be a GTR killer, more speed, more torque, but keep the same fun carving feel of the Evolve. The board came out better than I thought. The new Flipsky 6354 battlehardened motors are really impressive, so quiet! The board climbs the steepest hills at 27mph and tops out at around 32mph which is plenty for a guy who likes to ride with minimal protection.

thanks to @skyart for the battery and help with newb questions!


as the deck reminds me of Jerry Garcia’s beautiful guitar.

Deck: Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship 38in.
Trucks: Evolve DKP w/ Riptide bushings
Motors: Flipsky 6354 battle hardened 140kv
VESC: Focbox unity
Battery: Samsung 30Q 12s4p w/smart BMS from @Skyart
Enclosure: Mboards XL
Wheels: TB110
Remote; VX2


Beautiful build man! :metal:t4:

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Looking great dude. Awesome to see a happy transition into the diy world.

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How does the acceleration compare to your GTR? I’ve heard they’re pretty snappy

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Very nice deck, will you use grip or frit?

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The 6354 are 140kv so its on par with the GTR. Some how Evolve have a lot of torque from a standstill, almost a jerky fee. This board does not have that but accelerates as hard…and keeps on pulling.


Are you running sensors? Evolve runs their tiny 5065 sensored so it’s a very smooth acceleration

it has clear frit already from Arbor.

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That’s what I was gonna ask. It always baffled me how they got this acceleration from their crappy batteries and tiny motors lol

Sensors my dude, that shit is legit

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I mean I’ve always run sensors too but still haha 5055 motors

I thought it was a 5065, but yeah they got some decent kick, I used a single 5065 for a while and the issue was the wheel would slip on max brakes

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Dude that deck is beautiful

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Always loved this deck, It’s weird we don’t see it everywhere
Nice one

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Super nice build :call_me_hand:

Nice dude, I built 2 diy arbor drop cruisers!


Lol did you just make 2 of the same board?

Maybe! One was 12s4p one was12s2p. Green board is still running, blue one needs a battery now. Green has bergs, blue has sixshooters. Green is 35° rear truck, blue is 42° rear.

I really like the aesthetic of the green one

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