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k00k rambles about Raceboard Design

it started out 2 days or so ago… @pixelsilva posted some boards, and then a discussion… and then a link… and this is what I saw…

and this…

and I was gobsmacked… it is a work of art and thinking…

a k00k moment if you will…


YES i know, and I’m fully aware of prior art and purposely using pictures of 's art, science, and pictures for inspiration… I’ve reached out to them… I’d like to think I’d buy one, but I have no idea how many-monies they’d be…
probably MANY-MONIES
I’ll probably spend twice the amount making my own vs. buying a 313 board

(i’ll be back to ramble more later)


Money es in my hands to buy uno from tu…


Where is the discussion k00k? This board needs to live with me.


just look…

I’m liking ALMOST everything about Orange one…
Need more wheelbase, shooting for 42"
I don’t know about the gaspedals, Probably design it with progressive concave or maybe simple radial concave
I’d like more drop… I need about and Inch (yeah, that’s what she said…)
and about an 1" of rocker, (camber front to back) to aid in torsional rigidity…
concave top, flat bottom with wire channels between the stiffening spars so I can make simple bullet-proof enclosure…

Honestly I’ve been beating my head against reality trying to make a alum. monocoque esk8 race-board… this is almost there!

off to Fusion I go…
@surfnacho If’n I can get you the shape I want, can you CNC me a wood mold to press this against?

From 313:
Vorgaben: Alex Dietz, Boris Schinke
Konzept: Peter Scheerer
CAD/CAM: Verena Völkel
Konstruktion: Peter Scheerer
Fertigung: Peter Scheerer, Verena Völkel
Grafik: Verena Völkel

Concave: doppelter Löffel progressiv, Welle, Gaspedal, hinten: „Pushedge“
Längsprofil: Wavecamber (5º – Rocker – Camber – Rocker – Kicktail – 0º)

Schaumkern 10/5/15 mm
ABS Nose + Tail, Multiplex Inserts

Lagenaufbau: 6 Achsen Glas / Carbon
Oberfläche: PU-Lack, klar

1550 gramm (3,41 lbs)
Länge: 1000 mm (39,5″)
Breite: 265 mm (10,5″)
Radstand: 750/771/792/813 mm (29,75″/30,5″/31,25″/32″)

Input: Alex Dietz, Boris Schinke
Concept: Peter Scheerer
CAD/CAM: Verena Völkel
Construction: Peter Scheerer
Manufacturing: Peter Scheerer, Verena Völkel
Graphic: Verena Völkel

Concave: progressive double-spoon, wave, gaspedal, „push-edge“
Profile: Wavecamber: (5º – rocker – camber – rocker – kicktail – 0º)

Double Diffuser

Foamcore 10/5/15mm
ABS nose + tail, plywood inserts

Layup: 6-ax glass / carbon
Topcoat: PU-varnish, clear

1550 gramm (3,41 lbs)
Length: 1000 mm (39,5″)
Width: 265 mm (10,5″)
Wheelbase: 750/771/792/813 mm (29,75″/30,5″/31,25″/32″)

so i started…

it started from here…

then evolved…

I got close

but honestly the scrambled mess that the qwik rush into production that was desgn has shifted to… let’s really make this…

so…k00k board k2 started today…

it’ll happen or be a learning step… welcome along for the ride…


you here brother…

disscuss away…

there are some deets that for a test board I wasn’t excited about… hmmm a composite deck… unknown and 'spendy for a test… let’s try wood for test decks… wood easy reliable and known… composite on an impact… well if ya know ya know, it can go from holy fukk to catastrophic…

yeah… my test boards will have wood glassed into a core, and a rigid foam will be used in as a core also glassed wrapped to stiffen the deck…


How to get the sharp edges k00k?

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K1 first thoughts… wire channels will probably not be a thing on Ktest, the amount of work to save a few grams of foam doesn’t belay 2x weight of glass and resin… and 100 x more work…

which edge, Al?

so somewhere today I looked at K1 and thought, "would you be comfortable and fast on this board totally foam cored…

being comfortable and fast are two things, and while the foam core didn’t bother me… the “goosenecks” definitely need work…

K2 was born

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Damn gonna need to rename my Komodo 2 build now :skull_and_crossbones:

That deck looks sick tho I love the foam core idea

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also a weird adjunct happened during design, an Epiphany if you will… some of this design work cleared my head on my ally monocoque race deck that I’ve been wasting my time on lately…

I’ll waste more time on that misguide project at a later ramble…

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you’re welcome to K2 if’n ya want it… I’ll prolly be on K52 before I ride it…


Nah you’ve got more traction in the name now :+1:
Are you thinking of making a recess for electronics like a hummie since the foam shaping will be a bit easier to manage?

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To use foam core, you’ll resin infuse it?

nah not really, although this deck doesn’t look anything like it looks in the pix… the truck mount structure is 20-ish mm thick and the actual board thickness is only 18mm not worth it…

a simple enclosure is what I’m after

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nope… not intentionally… only the amount of epoxy the vac. bag sucks in…

think surfboard foam, ridged foam, engineered, closed-cell, light-weight strong foam, not like shipping foam…

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It’s making love to my feet already.



why does it always turn to sexy-talk when we converse…???


I found the thread. Im here now… looking at progress… Like some creep said about my wheels:

I wanna see this work.


I fukken hate that creep…