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Janux-esk8 Aluminum Hubs to fit Direct Drive

These hubs are CNC machined from 3.5” diameter slugs of USA 6061 T6511 aluminum alloy in San Diego, CA USA.

  • They were designed to drop fit directly to Direct Drive System (TBDD and eLofty).
  • Hubs fit to 6”x2” pneumatic AT or Bergmeister tires with standard size 608 bearings, 2-piece hub with integrated 19mm or 0.75” M6 thread length, single hex tool is used for wheel assembly – no fumbling with small lock nuts or tools.
  • Available in raw or anodized finish

TBDD :point_down:

eLofty :point_down:


OH SHIT. ITs on now. I have people wanting builds like this.


This is the holy grail…oh my.:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


i literally just ordered a set of these just now.


Thanks for the support :pray:. Short of stock, machining them as we speak…

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can you add extra fire to the fiery red… that way the rubber is always soft and grippy… because its in flames.



oh shit! Rooster sauce! I’m going to add that to my bearing seats.

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any clue when things will ship yet? I’ve got customers piling up for customs using these rims on TB direct drives.

Do you think tb dd will have enough torque?

yeah, if we go with the 75 KV ones and use the 157mm bergmeister tires we should be gucci.

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Are the tires 147 or 157? I thought 147…

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They are 147mm, @longhairedboy was prolly drinking when he wrote that. I will point out that skatan will frown upon you for correcting the high priest and overlord, so I would apologize and make the appropriate sacrifices at you earliest convenience.



We’re all drunk i guess. They’re 150mm x 45mm. I swear i saw 157mm printed on the tire itself though. lol

I could’ve sworn they were 147mm x 45mm. I would almost bet your soul on it :slight_smile:

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its like waking up to a bonus 3mm of tire! That extra 3mm is where all the magic is.

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144mm…have I been cheated?

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Yes :slight_smile:  

Ah damn! :sob::sob:
I think it’s just under pressure…the pump leaks at 40 so I can’t pass that

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