Hunterboards, a new take on e-skate design?

Hi guys, the people behind Hunterboards are coming in with some real innovation, a new design of suspension and a sleek aluminium deck, coupled with in-wheel motors driven by a swappable battery and a vesc 6.6 based ESC. They do it all in Portugal (manufacturing too) so I must admit I have a soft spot for them. What are your thoughts?

You can check their website at , including the “augmented reality” bit that shows in quite nice detail the mechanical setup of the suspension.

Pics for attention.


I was hoping the day would get interesting.


Interesting, would like to know more details and perhaps even take a peek under the hood? What controllers are being used? Battery cells?

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Spec sheet here:

They use LG cells if I’m not mistaken. The website goes into quite a lot of detail with regards to the design choices, it’s an interesting read.

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Those are claims not specs. Nice website though.


LG HG2 cells


Not a fan of the wheels/tyres too much car inspired and pretty much doesn’t absorb irregularities and rely only on suspensions. However curious about that truck suspension system!


Yeah, interesting choice of wheels, but it looks like the suspension takes care of the irregularities of the terrain… I need to see it with my own eyes, but it’s an interesting concept


IMHO it would work great with AT tyres for a off road or rough road setup

Now could be good with a grippy thane setup if it also has camber solved

Grippy thane for racing would be an idea!

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Forgot to mention that they say that there’s a VESC 6.6 based controller under the hood

@pedrosand is part of the team that developed the board so will have more knowledge of the details. I guess he’ll be happy to answer any questions



$2,050 shipped to usa

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wonder what they mean.


Nice video showing the suspension system at work in rough terrain. Kudos to Hunterboards, the first batch is almost sold out! :open_mouth:


The ride video looks pretty good, didn’t see much(/any?) bouncing of the suspension over twigs and whatnot, so I’m thinking it’s an oil filled shock setup (1/5 scale?). Possibly what they’re refering to by the “anti-wobble technology” Some bigger bumps would have been good to see it closer to its limits.

Time will tell if it’s more durable than other executions that have gone the wishbone/independent suspension setup route


Wake me when they sell the trucks separately


I can only imagine how epic their AWD prototype would be


$1949 or from $324/mo

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I can’t believe peeps are actually clicking the link
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Uggh fuck this remote though absolute douche chills vape wand designed in Switzerland garbage


Check the comments under the video, there’s Miguel Morgado and the team providing good infos :

  • 150mm AT wheels are planned in the future so they indeed thought of off road :+1:t4:
  • why they chose aluminum for the deck too (they wanted an isotropic material and didn’t want to bother with anisotropic)

I noticed one thing during the ride, while the suspension works great, there is no travel compensation in width because the arms are fully fixed.

It means the trucks spreads when the suspensions are compressed. Would be like going back and forth from 180 to 215mm hanger width while riding.

Potential advantage : wider hanger is more stable so it might also help even out wobbles and help balance.

Potential disadvantage : reduced grip under compression and lateral wear of the wheels due to the way wheels spread.

Also under conditions where the wheels might grip strong, the suspension travel might get equally limited?

Reviews will tell more, it’s supposed to be a 34mph/+50kmh board so maybe this will be noticeable or maybe I’m just over thinking this fine piece of engineering :woozy_face: