Hoyt Puck sending full brake/reverse signals after being smashed

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Another point of failure sent it full speed ahead, fortunately i just stepped off the board after reverse was not working. Board slammed into a giant rock and seems okay. I didnt drop remote was just using it as normal.

This puck is only a few month old also, close to new.


Well, it looks like the potentiometer is not reinforced with solder, which is most likely why the issue happened. All pucks now come with the reinforcement, as they made an announcement a while back about it.

I don’t see how that design could be reinforced with solder. The pads themselves break off the PCB so no amount of solder is going to make it safer. The batch we received for the Genesis boards looked similar to the above and we reinforced them all with epoxy which is how they should come for safety. But looking at how that failed maybe we should actually be reinforcing the trigger frame instead…


It’s an odd thing that happened to my puck, I would have thought not a lot of stress would be transfers to the nub that moves the pot but that looks to not be the case somehow. Seems injection moulding for something like this may not be a good option. I had another puck that has been reliable for years until I dropped it ( now fixed) and then got this new one. I really would like that the new puck v2 now my confidence is low, a few seconds earlier I was at 50kmh and only hopped off the board as a precaution when reverse was not working, my thoughts were ahh the puck is disconnected or some board fault. I pushed it forward and shot off like a rocket and snapped a belt after mounting a huge boulder in a median strip. Sooo lucky this didn’t happen earlier.

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that’s crazy that it broke there without breaking the pot off the board first.