Hobbyking Motors SK3/SK8/KEDA

Thought I would make a thread dedicated to some of the easiest motors to acquire in most countries.
My experiences with Keda Motors have been quite good in the couple of 100KMs I’ve used them
Can anyone weigh in on some mods or their experiences with SK3 or SK8 motors, is anybody here using them daily?

I am using on a daily base 2 x SK8 6374 149kv. They are solid, cheap, really like the quality. Weather it’s cold here, so the real review will be within 2 months at 40 degree Celsius during summer, city riding…I just wish they were more torquey…

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Ran a sk3 6374 on my spud. For a cheap single drive campus board it’s a total beast, not to mention has taken plenty of hits and still spins fine

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how is the sk3 on startup?

Pretty terrible from a stop. Totally fine with even slightl rolling

Sk8 6374 149kv on a Trampa board for terrain. Rock solid…


I used a sk3 for a year solid motor and lots of power! Now I use dual sk8 130kv on my trampa really like them they r torquey and reliable great motors for the price untill now

I recently noticed that keda motors were discontinued on hobbyking.com. Any other sources? In EU?

Sk3 are still (imo) the most reliable motor you can buy. I use them pretty exclusively now and have been for a while. No fails at all. Settings can compensate for the lack of sensors but it depends on the remote and esc combo so there is not a hard and fast set up that works more an exercise in experimentation. Mine on the evo hardly cog at all but on a more low powered set up where you can basically smash the throttle without doing a backflip then they are pretty much seamless from a standstill. Sensors literally only help with orientation and once you’re rolling play no part unless you have temps on there.


Dual SK3 6374 192kV. Lots of torque, power and plenty reliable. I run them at 80A 29.6V each, off of Turnigy Graphenes currently.


I have 3 SK8 149kv. Two of them had problems since day 1. On one a part of the aluminium which holds the shaft on the can broke off. I’m not really happy with the quality/reliability :man_shrugging:.


SK3 149kv dual use been running strong since Dec 2018 & I daily commute with my board everyday


I noticed that the keda motors where discontinued in the U.S. sad because I wanted to order a pair.

i run dual sk8 6374’s at 192kv on og focboxs. They run at 95a motor amps each and they’re bloody weapons. they’re just a bit annoying when it comes to the whole “pulley acts as the circlip” thing. apart from that they sound awesome, run beautifully and dont get too hot either.


The early ones had issues. Trust me I know and had a part in the upgrading. Hobbyking are one of the best vendors for acting on feedback and with their buying power can ensure that the qc is done properly. I have 4 of the 192’s from when they first hit the site and 2 were problematic. Bad bearings and bad sensor pcbs. Had some fairly extensive back and forths and the new ones are flawless. Cost me nothing and they even took care of the shipping. I actually have 6 of these things but two are fucked. They didn’t even pull the send the old ones back so we can check them out(throw them in the bin but make you think we are on it) trick

Good motors. Good company.


I’m a C’hair away from 192s x4. Had 2 in past. Only bad things I can are, why not black, the shaft is too long. (Obligatory “that’s what she said”… In That order)


Got one SK3 6374 192kv coming loose during my morning commute.
This is now after removing it from the board. It seem like 1 bolt broke off, two were stripped.

I thought these were tanks, these 3 M3 bolts seem like holding all the weight (with support of the tiny shaft bearing)

Anyone else encountered similar issue?
Known remedies?
I was thinking of rethreading the holes with maybe M4 and find 3 new suitable bolts.
Any reason this won’t work?


I will answer in here too for consistency. Those 3 bolts are usually the ones that come loose because of badly or non existent (as in your case by the looks of it) threadlocker.

If they come loose and you don’t notice then they strip or snap as you have discovered. I have 4 sets of these running on various stuff and they have been for me the most reliable motor so far if you just do a little Q&A on them first. This has only happened to me once and one bolt snapped. No stripping so no need for rethreading the holes but I see no reason why you can’t upsize the bolts if you have the meat.

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Curiosity got the better of me and I just did some checking. My oldest set and the ones that obviously the most reliable so far have philips bolts on the front plate. Still m3 but with a much more tactile bolt head. Never had an issue with these 2. Probably nearly 2 years old and getting some pitting on the chrome to prove it. Got a group buy set with sensors that have allen heads and one other set that are 6 months old that have philips. The newest ones from hobby king are in a gear drive set up and I am not messing with those to check because lazy.

Strange how those kind of inconsistencies occur with Chinese manufacturing. The ones from the factory direct though were all loose including the axle grubs.
My conclusions;

Chinese factories adapt to whatever they have in stock at the time of assembly
Hobbyking buy shitloads so get the good Q&A 1 in 10
Buy direct and you get the bad Q&A 1 in 500

That still means that out of 10 motors from HK 9 need your input.


Only had my Sk3 149kv for a month, but the they have been great so far. Crazy torque, but with any include they stall. Was going to try this: