HAYA HB83 33" Short board (Progress)

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Hi, maybe most in this forum will already have heard something about the HAYA integrated decks, I don’t intend to write a long intro. My father and I design and produce integrated decks made out of pressed beech wood (haya in spanish, hence the name) with radial concave. They are produced with local suppliers in northern Spain (pamplona).

This is intended to be a thread to post the development of our latest short board.

The deck is 835mm long, roughly 33". 243mm wide (9.6").
I will post additional info about the dimensions shortly.


Here are some pictures of how the finished deck will look like, there are some minimal changes in the internal geometry (I will post the exact dimensions later).

The one with the Painted Tail is my personal test-deck.

The front R25 radius does not match with the picture, but will be like that on the final version for structural reasons.
The oposite radius to the R25 in the ends is R7mm

Link in case someone wants to preorder one (payment would be required some days before production)


General Info:

I tested wheelbite with 45deg baseplates / no riser / 76mm Hawgs zombies (what I had in hand) 180mm sabre trucks -> 190mm-isch with the extreme offset of the wheels, and I encountered no wheelbite. 50deg BP help, wider helps, risers help. Next week when I’m home I will put 90mm-popocas on them, prob with a 1/8-1/4" riser.

We will deliver them with 2-3 coats of 2-Component polyurethane matte varnish. It that state it can be used perfectly fine, just remember to dry the board when it rains. Otherwise its perfectly prepared for other types of varnishes, epoxy, CF-Skinning, or painting if you want extra protection or a different look. Its a DIY forum so we want to offer an open platform.

We intend to ship them IKEA-like: non assembled but with video/text instructions and all the parts needed, even 2-component epoxy for the installation of the threaded inserts. The inserts are super easy to install, and the foam too (similar to applying griptape). It just takes too much time if my father has to do 70 of them all at once. At the end its cheaper for the end user, and easier for us.

We also will not drill over the 2 wood plies we glue on top of the deck tail and nose (like on the first image), this way the user just needs to drill the 2 holes he needs keeping everything clean.

Included are: Deck, Laser-cut lid, foam, inserts, M4 Black SS Torx lid-bolts, Epoxy.

We are aiming at a final price of 150 Euros (Still have to figure out how to manage EU-Prices with TAX, non EU are not taxed).

1st run will be limited for testing purposes and because our manufacturer has a too tight schedule right now. 20-isch Beta-Decks is the target (If there is enough interest). If everything goes to plan we should start with production around the last week of March, with deliveries starting around early April.

If you got any other questions I will be happy to answer them.

Best, Mathias


I am down for one. I will do it up!

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I added the dimensions at the end of the first post.


The oposite radius to the R25 in the ends is R7mm

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I am joining you @Sender

Thinking of putting bigger nummies on der


Im debating selling my Tayto w/ enclosure to afford this :drooling_face:

Theres so many ways this thing would look so cool.

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My buddy Stefan mounted some 90mm Abec-Clones
(6deg riser back, 1/4” front, 180mm Calibers)


Whats the biggest battery that can fit in this?

Are you still taking orders?

Yes, we are currently finishing them.

I ride 90mm, I would go max up to 100mm

Working on them + the HB92 full time, will post some updates this WE


Quick mockup (not final version), feel free to suggest any geometry changes.

I will print one today. The issue is that my proto-deck does not have the 3 rear lid-holes so it would be nice if any of you HB83 owners would test if the holes line up :wink:

** you would need L=4mm+(kicktail height) length M4 bolts to fixate the backside)

EDIT: I removed it because it appears to have a separation in the middle which clearly should not be there, will re-upload soon

EDIT-2: Back online


2nd time I fly to Barcelona with my shortboard.

Super fun to ride around the steep narrow streets. Nice paved roads and no effort climbing hills (specially this super hot week) make it such a usable tool. Super happy :smile:

(Setup: Dual 5065 Frontdrive, Ronin Cast (Front +6deg), 10S3P 30Q on NESE based modules, Feather Remote, Popocas, 4.12 Maytech (FOC), Charge only BMS, Metr Pro)


Today’s morning ride:


Oohh! How come we’ve never seen anything in those battery modules? They looks promising

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Perfect plane capsules, pray tell

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My modules are a PIA to assemble, but @StefanMe has a newer design in the works that should turn out pretty mint. Sneak peak:


Looks amazing for decks with no flex. Well done you guys

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Love the build. Which motor mounts are these?

(only 50XX motors)

They require some modding:

  • Lathe the trucks to 18mm (Pretty easy)
  • Mounting them with 648 green loctite + grub screws is rock solid
  • You need to use an idler since the motor position is fixed, I use this one:

Oh I see. How did you mount the idler? Also, what diameter are standard paris trucks?