Haggyboard Update

Hi everybody,
first of all apologies for the lack of replies and my absence from the forum for about a year now.
The ongoing pandemic and quite a few hiccups with the move from Taiwan to Spain has made matters rather complicated for me along with a few other things I needed to deal with.

This has led me to shut down the company (for the time being) and I would like to update you on the following important things:

aa) for all of those who have purchased Haggyboard components in the past, I will continue provide support and spare parts. All my components are located in Spain and from August onwards I can send out components (spares) to those in need.

bb) My close friend Jackson (based in Taiwan) has taken over my stock of inner tubes and outer tires. For those interested, please contact Jackson via email: jackson@cycco.com.tw and tell him what you need along with your full contact details (name+ address + email + phone number) He will then calculate shipping and get back to you.

Please note that due to Covid restrictions, it is not possible to send goods from Taiwan to certain countries or only with extremely long delays. For those countries, DHL or Fedex is the only option, but this will cost you an arm and a leg.

cc) The Haggyboard website will be deactivated within the next few days. Best way to contact me is via email: timo@wertrimo.com

I wish you all the best, stay safe and thanks for all the great support and a fun time.
Best regards


Hi Timo!

Thanks for providing some comments after all this time, glad to hear you’re doing okay.

Do you intend to start it up again in the future?


hi timo

good luck with the move
hoping you will come back soon as many vendors have a thing or two they could learn from you

Who else was it that needed new Kahua truck axles? I will send them 2 and buy 4

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Hey timo!! im glad youre alright. Its sad that you had to shut down the company, but im sure that the future holds great things for a man as dedicated as you are!!

If youre in spain and want a beer i live an hour away from estepa!


If you decide to shut down for good, would you be open to the idea of Open Sourcing your Haggy Designs? @DerelictRobot could help you out with the specifics


yes this

so sad that your going

you should teach other companies how to run real customer service and make awesome products without charging the amount of a small house


No one that makes parts for us is charging enough. People keep leaving because there’s no money in it.


of course

no complaints about any other esk8 company (well maybe to some companies)

but haggy still managed to charge half the price of anyone else and make the best products
was super awesome

Yeah, but Timo was probably working some other 40+hr/week job to pay his rent and bills.


I’ve always admired your diligence as a vendor @haggyboard.timo - best of luck and if you are able to get operations back up and running at some point, I know everyone will be excited!


I too am glad that you’re here and posting. I’m very sorry your business has had such trouble, and I’m sad to see it close up. I’m such a fan of your products, to the point that I’ve hoarded much of them after things went quiet.

I wish you all the best, and hope that you are able and willing to get back at it in the future.

Stay well sir. :pray:


@haggyboard.timo thanks for the update. Stay safe and best of luck getting everything on track. I will 2nd any motion to contribute to a “gofundme” campaign if it’s just money that’ll get Haggy on track.

Thanks for all of the great products, your time, contributions and investment into the community. Stay safe and healthy. Continued success in all things.


All the best Timo


@haggyboard.timo is there any way we can help you getting back on your feet?


Would totally support this too


Still my favorite gear drive belt tensioner available

I’ll support


Full agreement there.

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Why has nobody else made one like it?


Am I the only one confused? I didn’t think gear drives had belts.