Guidelines: Used Parts for Sale 2022

Used Parts Only

If you just sell used parts, please use the “Used Parts for Sale” category.

If you sell multiple parts that are new and used, feel free to combine them inside one thread. In that case you can choose either one of the 2 Categories.

Listing Must Contain

  • Location of you or the item.
  • Price in the currency you want to receive
  • Price of listed Item/s. OBO can be added if you wish.
  • At least one photo inside your Sales post is mandatory.

You are trying to sell your stuff here, so please make it as easy as you can for others. No hoops needed!

Be ready to supply shipping quotes because you will be asked.


  • Best offer without price
  • Using just the “Esk8 Parts market” category, that’s a no no!
  • Missing anything of the “Must contain list” duh.
  • Posting your item in another person’s post
  • No Auctions or Links to external sites like Ebay
  • “first one that pays me gets it” madness
  • Payment by Paypal Friends and Family, venmo or any other unsecure methods.


USA - california

Item 1
Description: Used Set of 81A Abec 11 97mm Wheels
Price: $50 OBO + shipping


Rules are open to change at any point, so please keep yourself informed and follow the rules at all times.

Not following the Sales Guidelines may result in your Thread being closed.


There is a template that will auto populate in an approved format on all new topics opened in this category. The goal is to avoid missing obvious items that would cause a topic to be locked and slow down sales.

You are free to create your own, as long as it meets the requirements for a Sales thread…


in before someone lists location as “Earth, Sol, Milky Way”



im confused, whats for sale here? Sure hope you arent selling the forum.

ah found it. pmed

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I’m curious why we have this policy? something bad about them?

because auctions fall in a somewhat muddy area?

As for ebay, not quite sure. That rule has been here since before i started cleaning up the esk8 news mess.

Maybe it has also to do with us then “advertising” auctions, maybe because we’d otherwise end up with listing containing nothing but a ebay links if the other rules didn’t exist.
Also, doesn’t make sense to sell via ebay if you can save the fees if you sell here.


everything @xsynatic just said.


Smart criminal scum post their ebay links in the good deals thread :wink:


posting eBay links is the result of one of those discretionary things. I don’t actually care if somebody is auctioning their board on eBay, as long as there isn’t a corresponding thread here about it with a lot of comments and bullshit and negativity. I just really don’t like the vibes of actions. so much tension and negativity.


Maybe the forum should have its own auctions. That would be cool. Or at least just give them a try.

Hmm. Tx

The answer was no, we can’t do that, its not exactly legal.


We can host gambling events like raffles and auctions if the proceeds go to charity, legally, if I recall correctly. And I’m needy, so any money I make counts as charity.

We are not a charity. This forum cannot hold actions or raffles.


Really? How does ebay do it then? (I know not exactly the best comparison)

Ebay isn’t in Florida and has proper licenses and permissions.

I’m really not sure how else to say it. This forum, hosted in Florida, is not a non profit, does not have a licensed auctioneer, and is not licensed to nor legally able to host an auction or raffle. Nor are we a religious organization, which is also allowed to do some of those things.


Ah gotcha. We’re not a religious organization? Those should be pretty easy to create these days.