GPS Skate Trackers are here!

Hey guys! I have been working on a GPS tracking system for board for a while. I found a good setup, but it required a buck converter and a larger PCB for the tracker. I found a much better solution!

You use a sim card (provided) from US Mobile to text the tracker (from any phone). It then replies with it location and a link to Google Maps. Text plans start at $4.48/month (although I recommend the 200 text plan for 50 cents more) and you can also add date to access the tracking app and web platform. More details on these later. I find the texting sufficent as it aslo gives the speed so you will know if the board is moving or not.

The tracker includes a wiring harness and an extra JST plug for you to solder onto your BMS to ensure it never over drians the battery. The tracker also has a built in 120mAh battery to run for ~30 mins when there is no power! It then charges back up when the PCB gets power from the board. I also include a low profile black switch that you can discretely mount on the outside of your enclosure to turn on and off the tracker when not needed. They draw a little less than 0.03A in sleep mode so it will last a long time, but its not something you want to have on indefinitely.

You receive everything ready to go:

  • GPS Tracker
  • SIM Card (GSM)
  • Wiring Harness with 12mm low profile switch
  • Installation Support

You just need to activate the SIM card on US Mobile’s website and pick a plan. Super simple and I will have full documentation in the coming days.

This is a great addition if your shipping boards to Denver! You will have the peace of mind to always know where it is! There have also been more and more board thefts recently and this would give you the piece of mind to protect your investment.

Please drop any questions below. I will try to reply as fast as possible, but things are really picking up at BKB! I would also like to say that these are not the cheap knockoff version! They actually have a GPS chip on them! Cheaper version on Amazon/eBay do not have this!

Also come see for yourself in Denver! Cant wait to meet some of you!


Dude you are actually my hero :heart:

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Is this a 2G, 3G, or 4G chip?

I also looked into stuff from China and only really found 2G stuff for cheap enough. If 2G, isn’t 2G getting phased out at some point soon?

Hoping it’s 3G.

After looking it up, GSM needs minimum 3G to run properly and I chatted with US Mobile and they said it can work on their 3G and 4G partner towers


Nice! I might need one of these soon, hopefully they don’t sell out too quick :sunglasses:

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Not smart, I got my shoes stolen in La Jolla when I went in the water for 5 minutes. This ain’t no utopia

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In college, I “stole” a few unlocked bikes and rode them to the campus police station and told them I brought it over to prevent theft. Half truth. I lived in apartments across the street from the station. Just took bikes for joy rides.


At least the owners probably got there bikes back, haven’t got the shoes back since. My precious bred’s😭


Yeah, your board will still get stolen


This is the kinda innovation that the community desires! I’m so glad that someone actualised this (and quite quickly, may i say). Great job!


Well done and that was pretty damn quick! I remember this discussion after that Seattle bullshit went down. What a great option to have available.


Noice feature but it is only for us?

This looks like a must-have.

What is the switch for? This is always-on from the BMS, right? How much current does it draw?

Does it matter at this point? Imo the switch should only be used if the board is going to be put into hibernation , and otherwise should be kept on for it to be functional . But I suppose it’s down to each person’s use-case

I’m curious why there’s a switch at all and exactly what it does, and how much current the device draws while on.

I wouldn’t want thieves to be able to turn off the tracker. Or know about it at all.


It draws around 0.03A in sleep mode (GPS still works but the delay time is ~20 seconds). The switch is to turn it off when not in use for weeks at a time. It will eventually drain the battery if left on indefinitely. If your someone who uses the board everyday, and keeps an eye on it year round the switch is not necessary and you can remove it with a few seconds of soldering.

@Zach nailed it on the head. It all depends on the individual. The switch is has a really low profile when in the on posisition.


You would need to find a suitable SIM card for your location. In the USA we have a lot of low cost options that has a text only GSM plan. If you have one outside the USA it should work perfectly, but it has to be a GSM sim or it won’t work.


Already bought one of the modules spoken about in the previous builders thread on this, but I guess since this one won’t require a buck converter… I’ll be buying another :joy:

Thanks for making it easier :+1::+1:

Want one!! How much would you charge for this shipped to the U.K.?

Shipping is calculated at checkout. Likely $14 for economy shipping to Europe