garage sell, DD Elofty drives

Hello guys!

I have sold some parts of my build.
I still have some items left.
4WD DirectDrive Lofty 85KV. Mounted on Evolve baseplates! They come with Janux CNC hubs, a set of Trampa slick Gummies, inner tyres, 6 inch trampa tyres!

Please let me know if someone is interested in the whole set!
Ps. Based in Netherlands, so keep in mind :slight_smile:
My thinking price is around 600 euro. open for any offers ofcours :slight_smile:



if u part out, i will take the Janux CNC hubs and trampa tyres

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Post a price :grin:

added a price, thank you for noticing :slight_smile:

I’ll take it all.


oh come on

at least let me have those Janux hub?


at least let me have the gummies?


At least let me have the blue tray below them?

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At least let me have the gummies?

oh wait



too late, Jan took that also :rofl:

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You can take em, I only wanted them with the hubs anyway.

But I think Jan took all and everything

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seems like it and I was gonna say you can take em anyways, don’t really need gummies atm

Still have any of this?

I do. Including the blue tray.


Hmmmmm. Would you consider doing one set of eloftys with all four hubs and four tires? You think I could get enough power with the one set. Honestly not looking to smash. Just looking to make a mellow rain deck and urethan is to fucking scary to ride in Portland Oregon rain.

So to clarify, 1 drive, four hubs, 4 tires, 4 tubes…

I believe @Halbj613 may have something for you? If you can manage UK imports

(Also FYI you won’t be able to private message people until you spend a little time reading other threads. It really doesn’t take long but it trips up a lot of new users on here to buy stuff)

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I’m not actually a new user just lost my password info when I lost my phone. Had to make new account.

Aren’t the lower kv better for the bigger tires tho? His were riding regular thane I think.

yeah sorry I could have sworn the account said it was just created, not sure who I was looking at then