board part out (direct drives - hummie - focboxes) uk

carvon v4 speed drives (110kv) super nice drives - £275
carvon v3 speed drives (110kv) also in good condtion - £250

i would advise the drives in 4wd (can do both for £500) in 4wd and 12s you get 60mph and insane torque

thanks and if you have any questions please ask

more parts to come


@b264 :eyes::eyes:


Oh boy, these would be FUCKING FANTASTIC to use in 4WD with the new ABEC11 Zoobomb 111mm wheels


@Halbj613 are these the drives you tore apart and “fixed”?



1 set was from @b264 a while back
the other was from someone else on the forum
cant remember who

the broken set is still in a drawer waiting to be fixed

i was hoping to try it out but i need the money atm so sadly they have to go

Yes, the V4 SD prototypes

Originally from @atlesk8 and then I owned them, the V3


I’m not going to lie. If the ABEC11 Zoobomb 111mm wheels were out before, I would not have sold these. In fact, I had even tried unsuccessfully to get some ABEC11 Masterfly 111mm prototypes for them.


Sending PM regarding those focbox’s :+1:

they are so awesome
if i didnt need the money i really wouldnt sell and i would get the zoobomb 111mm wheels
they are way torqueir then expected and actually can pull really nicely



you could always buy them back… :laughing:


Do you have more pics of the hummie deck please ? Thanks

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price decrease
need the drives gone

@b264 shipping is only £20 :laughing:

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How wide (axle tip to axle tip) are the carvons

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around 280mm (not exact as had to measure with a ruler)

What front truck are best compatible to run RWD for the Carvons?

Excuse me, you said you would pay to take them back but they’re still in my drawer…


Plot thickens? Explain


Any RKP like Caliber2 or Boardnamics or Paris — but I can’t recommend more highly that these are run in 4WD configuration on the Zoobomb 111mm wheels

These motors are built for speed and that they definitely deliver. If you want high torque the only real way to get that is to use four motors, especially with large wheels.

I highly recommend large wheels because it gets the cans further off the ground.


Interesting, good to know. They’d be for a small Omakase build, so I both don’t have clearance for big ass wheels or the battery size to make 4WD reasonable. I guess I’ll pass then

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different set
i bought them broken from some other dude on the old forum attempting to fix
gonna get round to them at one point

these 2 sets of motors have nothing to do with that set
i received that set dead and they didnt get any worse by me
please can you stop attempting to sabotage my thread with something completely unrelated

they are super efficient
even in 4wd with a 3 year old 12s6p 30q (18Ah) i still get 60km of range while accelerating quite hard
they dont need a large battery and just 30amps per motor is fine