Zoobomb abec11 74a 111mm Thane

I tried the 111mm thane, they can be bought here

I don’t usually ride thane, this is due to the poor quality of streets where I usually ride…so this review is biased.

Having said that, I like them, so far only been on one ride and this is my first ride on thane in probably over 18 months…but I liked them.

This particular build is supposed to top out close to 60, but I am for sure not comfortable taking this over 50. On my ride I hit 42ish mph and the board felt super planted, super stable, at no point did I feel like I was going to lose control. I don’t trust belts tho, or these flexible TB v6 mounts, so likely won’t be pushing it over 45 until I get some gear drives.

How do they compare to TB110s

Keep in mind it’s been a long time since I’ve ridden those…but to me they felt almost exactly the same. The 111s have a wider contact patch, so I noticed my efficiency was not as good as I remember it being on 110s but overall ride feel is very similar.

From my 2 rides I have 15 and 20wh per mile. This is really good compared to most of my pneumatic builds.

Anyhow, I like them. @JJHoyt not sure if they are being made for you, or at your initiative but thank you! I’m glad we have this as a choice for big thane.


how does duro feel like on hand between the 74a on hoyt111 and 72a tb110?

thanks for the review


I don’t have any tb110s at the moment, but the 111s are pretty soft they feel nice

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i’ve felt both. They both “flex” the same amount when you squeeze em, but the tb110 felt more bouncy


That’s pretty good, for me on 110’s 74a I get between 14 and 19 wh/mi

Interesting and good to hear that they’re as good as the 110’s, but it is a shame they are so expensive.

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Shame the cores aren’t kegel, but definitely keen to try these out


I’ve rode these 111mm and TB110 72A back to back on the same board. They feel very similar.

The TB110 felt softer, but it could just be in my head knowing the duro.

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FYI, we went with opaque at the suggestion of Aend. Not as sexy as clear/translucent but when it comes to pure performance, opaque is where its at. A more pure formula for more pure performance. On our 83s, we offer both: a white optimal performance opaque (reduced pigments and fillers to affect performance) and a water clear for bling and enabling folks to dye to the color of their preference (the white can be dyed as well).


so we need shredlights mounts that swivel to point at wheels.

@Movation who besides you have made dedicated wheel lighting?

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White 111’s are exactly what I need

Forest Green , Green Forest , well, if I had to , but I won’t as Shipping to London will be far too much.

If they were White - whoah - I would meet the Courier at the Airport, with Lunch.

Could you make them in White please ?



Speaking of .

What are the cost of shipping to Europe? @JJHoyt Don’t think i saw it being available on the website.


username checks out

i don’t think their intl shipping is updated on the website, as i was told earlier this year, but this has probably changed.


White can be dyed any other color

Reach out to hoytskate@hoytskate.com with an address, what you’d like to order and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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500 piece MOQ makes that difficult, at least for a while…need to burn through the forest green first.


Buy more 111s peeps. We need whites.


I’m gonna get a set tomorrow to support the cause


Definitely would buy if kegel option was available.


It’ll delaminate very very easily


if you do another batch, do them in kegel. I’m slowly getting rid of all my abec stuff so I can use only kegel as a standard across all my wheels and boards. I’d totally get a set in kegel