garage sell, DD Elofty drives

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yup 100%, I hadn’t done the maths on how weirdly high speed those ones I linked to would be on 6" pneumatics. That would be a hilariously wonky build especially if you had 2wd

What would the performance detriments be? Like what does the low kv do that the hi kv wouldn’t, or Vice versa?

2WD would definitely suck. I tested my 58kv elofty drive with 150mm airless wheels and it was pretty much unusable. Lack of torque. Terrible uphill performance. High consumption. NB, I’m not a particularly heavy guy (just under 80 kg).

On a 2WD DD, go with 110mm wheels or smaller. If you want to use pneumatics, either go 4WD or use belts / gear-drive instead of a DD.

Lower kv means more torque and less speed. For the most part, increasing the kv is the equivalent of gearing up.

For optimal consumption is best to keep the motor kv around 190 kv and balance torque/speed by gearing.

Ok looks like I’m buying all of them then. Lol

Thanks appreciate it fellas. This gonna be my first AT build. Looking forward to smashing around in the rain…

Right. Problem is, you’re on a 7 months old thread and if you actually read through it you would realize they have been long sold (to me :slight_smile:).

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Oh I thought you were saying you still had them for sale. I got confused cuz you decided to respond and say “I do” when I asked if he still had them. So I don’t take the blame for that one. It’s your fault for deciding to flaunt what you bought 7 months ago to someone who’s looking now… lol. Humble is a nice scent on anyone… sounded to me like you wanted to sell them since that’s obviously what I was asking. And this thread should be closed than right? Cuz if you bought everything why is it still active?

Wow… defensive much?

Ya bro it’s almost 2:00 am here and I may have been awake to long My oh my, my eyes are wide! Is it weird I can feel my heart beating in my forehead? :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:. Lol. My bad bro

Yeah, sorry. I was hoping you would read through the thread and figure out I was the one who said “I’ll take them” and get the joke.

Hopefully I at least helped you understand that 2WD would not be a good idea with that particular setup so your time here wasn’t completely wasted.

And you’re right, this should be closed. @xsynatic, can we have this closed please?

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Thanks man. Na it wasn’t.

Cause no one marked it a such or gave a final confirmation that it is sold. Unfortunately I can’t read minds yet.