Fun Rideable Toys - PEV Build Discussion 🏎️

We’ve all been there… You’re in your workshop staring at a pile of unused parts thinking “I’m bored, let’s make something fun” and “these old parts can’t be worthless”

Let this thread be a discussion about what awesome PEV projects you’re thinking of tackling and how you may approach said project.


For example:

I just finished up my son’s go kart upgrade.

Naturally, I wanted to treat it like a big esk8 but ran into some limitations.

Most go karts have what is called a rear “live axle”. This implies that the whole rear axle spins, not just the pulleys and wheels. This is usually accomplished with one large motor driving a sprocket on the axle as seen below.

Notice the key/keyway on the axle in the photo above?

This is what transmits the load from the axle to the wheel hub. Any guess what the wheel hub has to look like?

You got it!

This was the first issue I ran into when modding the cart so I reached out to @Savage1 for machining help. He knocked it out of the park, first try!

Those stock, hard rubber wheels are gone and now I can put pneumatics from 5.5 - 8" on.


  • It’s still using heavy SLA batteries
  • it’s still using a silver mystery esc
  • it’s still using a brushed motor

Future Solutions:

  • lithium ion battery (duh)
  • vesc based dual esc
  • one big brushless motor with live rear axle?
  • dual drive smaller motors and fix the rear axle?
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Nice!! I’ll definitely be utilizing this thread for random question and hope to answer any I know.

@Venom121212 good work on the cart!!!


Excellent idea for a thread!
I would be all over this as a project but, alas, living in Manhattan means I would probably have SWAT swarming me a minute after getting outside. :pensive:


I feel like we can get away with nearly anything here :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my items I am still trying to come up with on how to achieve is turning a puck into a functional twist throttle that has the ability to twist back to go and twist forward to Regen brake.

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That title is pretty enticing eh?

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There are a bunch of puck mods but none like a bike twist throttle, that would be awesome.

I run in to this issue a bit too. I love that the maytech split trigger remote separates brake and accel into 2 triggers and was hoping I could map the 2 inputs to 2 different foot pedals for a real e brake and reverse.


Problem for me is I don’t know anything about 3d printing or designing anything for them.

I am working popsicle sticks and tape here!!!

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You could get a standard 5V ebike throttle and arduino the 5V output into PPM. Might need to mod the spring system to get it to center instead of going all the way forward.


So far all the twist throttle I’ve seen only twist one way without being able to use a brake feature unless you wire in the lever (which is personally rather not do) I’m sure that can be modded pretty easy but I haven’t seen one in person yet just online so it make it hard for me to guess without my hands on it.

That is a good idea and thanks!

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You got a friend in me


Yeah, that’s what I meant by modding the spring. If you can mechanically get it to stay in the center, you can programmatically set that point as the throttle/brake center. I’ve never seen the internals of those throttles tho, so idk how easy it is to do.


I’m hoping to revive this project this summer:

My friend needs to find a frame though the one we were gonna use before is no longer an option


Yes! Drift trike for me. I am going rear wheel drive, (some use a hub motor on the front).
Live rear axel with one large drive motor. I’ll probably try fabing the frame. Depending on the width of those carts you’re doing, I don’t see why our drive lines couldn’t be identical.
But, it won’t be for a couple months though.


Awesome Build! Can you Link the Motor that you used?

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That one is the stock 24v 250W brushed motor. It’s currently overvolted to 36v.


I’m looking at a motor that states 48 volt 1500 watt (weaved into the spikes style) what kind of battery should I get to power this. I don’t want it under powered but I don’t want to blow it up either.

Any suggestions welcomed. 13s equals 48 v but I don’t get the wattage rating the go by.

That equates to a rated max 30A of current draw, any 13s pack that can output that much would work at the motor’s ratings. I’d probably go 2p at least unless you use high power cells.
You also don’t need to stick exactly to 48V, the motor doesn’t care that much


So I can just get any pack for the most part I taking it, I’d like more than 2p just for range reasons.

If you don’t mind sharing in dumb terms how did you get that 30A rating off what said. Best I could figure you divided 1500 by 48 is that correct?

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Yep, watts = volts * amps
When you select cells, make sure that their continuous discharge rating times the number of cells in parallel is greater than 30A

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