Freebies [Offers only]

Opening this thread again as the original thread got redacted.

Stuff you don’t need anymore and want to give away can be posted here for others to grab.

Please add your location and pictures to the things you post.


Cheap Focer 1.0 with capacitor across on/off pins.

Conformal coated, 4mm bullets, male XT60.

Turns off if the PCB is bent too much. Can read about it in the cheap focer thread. Probably fine for an ebike. Or for bench testing motors. I wouldn’t trust it in a skateboard. Can’t be asked to deal with it anymore. Someone take it off my hands please.

Latvia, EU. Shipping to most EU countries is ~15€


I have 6 unknown (?) 18650 cells out of a battery bank.

Don’t know the brand, capacity or output.

You could use these cells to test spotwelding, or make a low powered test rig for something, use them for a remote etc etc. DO NOT use them in anything that pulls more than 2-3 amps or so as i have no idea what they can output. Only posting it as I’ll be recycling them soon otherwise.

AT YOUR OWN RISK. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY. Only take them if you know what you’re doing.

Shipping from Germany on your behalf.




still up for grabs ^^

If you weren’t across the pond, I would snatch those up for my flashlights.

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Id take the enclosure. Pm’d

Baseplates for Yobis

Can post worldwide, you just pay shipping. Had a bunch of these made and never used any :sweat_smile:

These are the only parts i have, no printed pieces or extrusions.


I’d take 2 of those for my printed hooks

Set a set aside for me please.

Postage to US is 34aud :grimacing: probs cheaper to buy fr9m sendcutsend


Fair enough lol. Thanks brotha

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[US] Latching power button. Flipsky BLE with vesc4 plug, has broken wires. Shipping ~$5 and it’s yours. Gone!


I’ll take it. Pm coming your way @A13XR3

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I have a yellow poastmote puck shell to give away.
Printed in PETG, not super nice but quite ok.
Postage from Germany is all I need.

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