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Flipsky Smart Antispark Issues, Feedback, and Review

Details here:

Please discuss any issues or feedback you may have on the new Flipsky Smart Antispark here. I will try my best to answer your questions and resolve your issues.

The ones Flipsky sent me finally got out of customs, I tested their basic functionalities on the bench (manual and smart functions) and will test them in a MTB at the park later this week.

Just a btw, a prototype version survived the hands of @mmaner and is still going strong :).
Will update with some pictures when I get back home.

And I know this is going to be reported…
If your antispark was dead on arrival, chances are it was because the ltc7004’s ground pad was not completely soldered. This is when Flipsky’s aggressive copper pours (that allow for high power capability) come back to bite them in the ass.



The prototype @Gamer43 sent me has been running strong for months now, best AS I have ever run. Simple and solid.


excited that we are closer and closer to a reliable anti-spark power switch option. Awesome job @Gamer43

Im slightly confused…is this the generically available antispark from FlipSky? And is it the same as this one?

No, it’s the smart variant from their website.

What kind of current are you pulling through it

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Wow historic thread, have we find the really first reliable AntiSpark Switch?:open_mouth:


I am using it with a 12s4p 30q pack on hummies. I commonly hit 30 and slam the breaks, I don’t really ride that board, I drive it like I hate it :slight_smile:. I don’t typically record data, I can if that will help you. I run upwards of 40a-50a on acceleration and -40 on braking.


Just making sure, this is the switch you are referring to, right?


I have the older version (V2.1 on the website). How does the draw down current of this new version compare?

Well talking about historic, it’d be the second. Your mom never sparked my switch either :kissing_heart:

Derail jail me :heart:


Version numbers are misnamed. This design is a completely new one compared to whatever they were using previously.

sounds like exactly the kind of worse case scenario i was hoping for. Thanks!

I may have found my new eswitch.


Death to those ugly ass XT90S loopkeys!


I am going to get some more. I don’t even use the switch, just push to start and the timer for cutoff. makes keeping the dust out of an enclosure a lot easier.

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yeah i’m not interested in loopkeys either, never have been, and also i’m looking to switch over to maytech escs at some point soon in the custom builds.

@mmaner yeah push to start is pretty awesome. I use it on the unity almost exclusively. I’m also getting rid of fuel guages on my builds because the vx1 battery level dots are more than enough of an indication once you get used to the board.


Ive essentially done the same. A pocket voltmeter and BT module solve the meter issue. Push to start solves the switch problem. Seal that bastard up and be done :slight_smile:.


Interesting…May have to give Flipsky another chance.

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OK, but my question is if I upgrade to this new version how much better is the draw down current? Also, I have not had any issues with this switch, but it sounds like there may be some reliability issues.

I have no idea to the details on the previous version they were selling.