EVOLUTION - The 2 year idea.

8 July 2021

Still no real battery sorted but i just couldn’t restrain myself any longer, I had to take it out for a test ride.

Now i realise this is utterly ridiculous, But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So this was not a super long ride but i just wanted to check that everything was running right and that there was nothing wrong with drives or electronics. All seems good.

The ride ventured off into the forest for some sections and i did my best to keep things clean but eventually the inevitable happened and by the time we were done i had muddied the pristine grip tape :disappointed_relieved:


A nice table for your balls (bollocks?) to rest while you ride.




Again, i knew it was ridiculous to mount a 2kWh Lonestar pack in peli 1300 on top, but it was the only pack i had to hand at the time.

people ride EUC seated, why cant we? :rofl:


10 July 2021

At the time i had been discussing weight with @poastoast as he was running a similar drive train but with a huge battery, so finally got around to weighing it.


IMO this is pretty good for a 4WD

This is without a battery obviously, but my thought is that when racing you would add a small 12S lipo setup probably around 2KG total.

Additionally, I tried to keep things light at the time of buying parts, but things have moved on since that point 2 years ago. @3DServisas have a new revision of this hanger that’s lighter than the version i have. Otherwise switching to airs would save even more weight. Also switching from the stiff bigboi to a stiff bro deck would probably save another 1.4-1.6kg.

All in i reckon by switching deck and trucks it would be possible to get this down to ~13KG (+battery).

A race buildout with some small lipos could feasibly sit under 15kg


8 August 2021

So this idea of a micro race pack had been bugging me.

it seems like such a good idea to have small swappable packs for racing. maybe you only need a few boardercross runs or 5 timed laps. Capacity isn’t a concern as long as you have enough power and 3P of high discharge cells should be more than enough to provide that for just a few laps. Or maybe the quick round town to the shops and back.

So i started drawing up a 12s3p Pack.

I really like the square format and i quickly realised that staggering the P groups made enough space to fit the BMS on the end.

Printed these out to get some in hand quickly.

Perfect Fit :ok_hand:

Welded up and it looks fantastic.

Unfortunately no pictures of the wiring, but it was very tidy :wink:


I hate to be that guy, but theres no fp rings on the positive ends, but your construction method makes it much less of an issue.

Keep posting! I’m loving this thread/build

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FishPaper rings are not a 100% necessity on the P42A cell.

The Molicell cells are designed with an abrasion resistant insulator ring on positive side under the wrap, making the pack assembly easier and safer for manufacturers. (This can be seen in black below)


Yes sure you can fit an additional one if you are unsure if your cell features these, but its not always needed for well designed packs built with P42A.

Anyways battery construction techniques is a little off topic here. If you’d like to discuss this further lets take it to one of the many battery construction threads.

(EDIT; i updated some of the langue here to be clearer with my views. there’s more discussion on this continued here The battery builders club - #19107 by ShutterShock)


Today I learned! I had no idea, thanks for the info! Sorry for the ‘derail’


9 August 2021

been thinking about housing this small battery and didn’t really want to make the same square battery box i always make.

So i got a little creative with the design and tried to feature some of the same shapes found in the ESC case. The plan would be to print the wall sections and machine the lid and base. The cut ins will allow this to be easily secured with straps for quick removal and i added a small section for waterproof cable entry and exit.

Wall Sections Printed. not perfect but easy enough to clean up.

Test fit just to make sure everything is ok before i start cutting on CNC/

Cut the base. Its got a few mounting positions partially predrilled if i want to bolt it down later.

Cut the lid.

Lighter than the PeliCase, but not by much. Definitely areas where the weight could be reduced further given a little more thought and another revision.

Finished up the wiring and gave it a good first charge.


11 August 2021

I have been using some small ratchet straps to secure the battery. The 4 point mounting of the esc case conveniently allows straps to pass underneath without needing to go under the board. Its not the tidiest solution but it has been practical allowing me to easily swap to another pack if needed.

At This point im considering the build “finished for now”.

Its final weight is 18.2kg with this small pack fitted.

It was the main board that i used at the EEBIT event mid august and has been on a few longer group rides with the larger battery pack fitted.

So far ive been impressed with some aspects of this board such as the level of grip and agility. But haven’t really had enough time to get it properly dialed in and tweaked to where im fully comfortable on it.

I haven’t made many changes since august and i have a few other projects which are taking priority at the moment, and the weather is shit, so i haven’t had many opportunities to tinker. Unfortunately i cant see that changing in the near future.

In the long term i don’t think I’ve fully pushed this board to its limits and im likely to swing back around to further refine the concept . . . at some point in the future.


Man, this board is basically my endgame for off road boards, 4 smalls motors for traction, and only that, no crazy power needed

I dream of the day batteries advance enough so that we can have good range in the space the escs take, ultimate sleekness


Absolutely amazing build, the fit and finish/attention to detail really make it for me. Swappable battery pack really just adds on to that.

4WD small motor build really does make a lot of sense for an off road build. Gonna use this as inspiration for my MTB build when I eventually get to it.


vewy pwetty ywu



Is this a diy homebrew or a specific CNC kit?

It’s a workbee CNC. It’s good enough for most things when you take it slow. If I did it all again i would get linear rails so that I could push a little harder when working in aluminium.


catch me in my college dorm with a cnc


Updated first post with some images for the lazy.


Everything about this build and build log is amazing!


I’m so happy that I took the time to read this thread. Excellent work and even more excellent write-up Q! You’ve got my vote. :metal: