EVOLUTION - The 2 year idea.

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I’m very curious to know what the performance of this build with small motors (or one like it) is like.

Apart from great performance, especially off-road, one of the cool things about 4WD is that it reduces the work for each motor. For example, with four 6384s on my Jump Drive-enabled board, all my ESCs and motors never break a sweat. Never pulling more than 50A per motor even in the most extreme situations (really steep hills with mud and loose stuff) and much more typically no more than 15A per motor for road riding, even on huge steep hills, and battery draw per motor (and overall consumption) is very low. Consequently motor and ESC temps are also never an issue either. However, with smaller motors, I would expect them to be working hard and wonder then if it’s really worth having smaller motors working harder vs bigger motors having an easy time.

Electric motors work best under a certain load. Like you pointed out, divide load on moar motors, less load per motor. If the motors aren’t loaded to a place where they’re most efficient, they’re just deadweight. In order to get the performance out of them you’d have to do something ridiculous like towing a car. So I’d sudgest looking at a performance graph of your motors, figure out if you’re using them optimally, if not then you can go down in size. Also, motors are s’posed to get hot. even if only 10% is dissipated as heat, 10% of 1kw is 100W. Might not sound like alot but 100W of heat dissipation on a small surface will easly burn of skin.


Yeah in theory, based on current draw, I could drop down something like 6355 and save about 2 KG of weight. However the heat in the summer is the question. Fortunately we’ve got a couple of 30C/90F days coming up next week so I’ll see how hot they get after a good thrashing and see whether smaller motors could be doable in such conditions.