Evan's 1st Mountainboard | The Apex Croix - 4wd atrocity

I’ve been spending a lot of time on forest land with rocky roads, where I don’t feel good about riding my lacroix with undermount enclosure. I already banged it up real good at carve pdx with 30 minutes of offroading Mt. Tabor following @jack.luis . It was a lot of fun but my carbon fiber enclosure has the scars to remember it.

I’m having esk8 fomo on a few builds. @JoeyZ5, @alankerr, and @rusins heavily inspired this build, but instead of running a trampa deck, I’m going with a lacroix because I love the flex, footpockets, and wide stance. It’s going to be something like a snowboard / eMTB / streetcruiser hybrid.

So, new build time… Parts coming together are:

  • Lacroix big deck (jaws/naz/LS) - will use angled risers for 35 / 32.5 deck angles
  • Pelican 2050 storm top box for 20s4p p42a battery
  • Apex Airs
  • 4wd Apex Jump Drives - 5.53 ratio (15:83)
  • 170kv Maytech 6355 modors (already have circlip slot for jump drives)
  • MakerX d100s ESCs
  • Trampa phatlads with 8-4" CST Turf Tire, lawnmower tires lol (@alankerr tires)
  • MBS F5 bindings

@poastoast and @zero_ads supporting the stoke here.

BOOM - she done!


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Aw yes… this is it! It’s happening!
I’m going to be building this board vicariously through you.


Btw, if you ever want more amps, maytechs makes these, which are probably a good middle ground


So excited to follow along. You must be PUMPED. I’ll likely build something very similar to yours in the coming months.


Hell yes!


A little surprised you don’t want to try and go for more cells. You think 80 is enough range?

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I think 80 cells is a good compromise between weight and range. If my efficiency is similar to my past several builds, I’ll get ~30 miles of range. More would be nice, but I don’t want this to be super heavy either.


Same here bro, worth it tho :joy:

Sweet build! Can’t wait to see it come together. I wonder what the final weight will look like.

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I’ve been getting voltage-curious on my street board, sacrificing some P for S and curious what it would do for range. 20s4p on a mountainboard would be a blast

It won’t do anything for range. I’ve run 10s, 12s, 18s, and 21s boards. I get basically the same wh/mile on everything (25-30 wh/mile).

The biggest factors I’ve seen for efficiency are the tire pressure you run, and if you’re riding fast or on hills.

Run 20s and increase the gear reduction / decrease motor kv… well now you’re gonna have a fun time because you have a psycho amount of torque to play with.


Always equals higher consumption for me :man_shrugging:

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Awesome! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
You won’t regret the tires! :rofl:
Just got my lacroix mod (Gerry) on (2) D100s. Huge upgrade! If you have any issues with them let me know. Initially it did not detect the two together. Below was my solution.
I suggest to keep the switches separate on each d100s before powering any on. If initially powered together, it would not detect both D100s. I also had to split the power switch like @zero_ads. Left no extra can for Minnie so I used a metr pro instead as well. I have to check if after detecting 4wd, I could piggyback the can on the Minnie. I’m sure I could, as I gave up on the Minnie because I could not detect both with it on. :man_shrugging:t2:
This is how I got it to work after many tries. Keep both switches separate on first detection. After powering first d100s on, wait a second and power the second. Boom. It detects 4wd in that order. Not sure why. Then I split the power switch and was able to power them on and off together.

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Sommmmeeeebody say Mountainboards?


So, I’m curious do you not ever break down on the trail where you can’t be picked up? This is why I don’t ride off road anymore, it’s also how I met Artem.
The night before I sent him an email I , broke my lead sled, I was 21 miles from the pavement. I locked her to a tree with a camp tarp and air tag( not my first walk of shame son)
Now mind you I am wearing full leather suit pads mc helmet. I walk 21 miles at 2:30am(I don’t sleep), then I get the hand truck and walk 21 miles to get it and 21 miles out. I have not been off-road since. So how do you deal with “I can be picked up by ambulance unless it flys and otherwise I’m walking?”


I like riding loops that have access point all around, I’ve had the walk of shame a couple times but only 2ish miles at most.


nah you’re good.


How fast do you plan to go? Your part selection seems really good IMO, but I’m a bit worried about using Apex airs on a Lacroix deck with its low angles. Might not steer well. I’m personally a big fan of the Newbee RTKP trucks.