[EU/World-wide] Biggest sale thread of last year! Rusins leaving esk8 sale

No, the title isn’t clickbait unfortunately. Two weeks ago I made the decision to quit my job so that I can focus my time on starting my own business. This means I no longer have a source of income to fund this hobby, and although it’s been a fun 4 years, building and repairing skateboards is a massive time sink for me.

Going forward I plan to finish the boards I’ve already started work on, but anything new is likely going to be a prebuilt from Hoyt or another quality brand. I’ll still be on the forum for the foreseeable future, and I’m currently editing all the videos from Carve PDX this year, but after that’s done I don’t know what the future of my esk8 adventures look like. :person_shrugging:

Anyway, here’s all the parts I’ve accumulated over the years and am offering for sale! Shipping is from Latvia and should cost around 10€ to anywhere in the world for most items that aren’t huge. Since I am clearing my room then expect prices to get lowered if stuff doesn’t sell, and feel free to ask for discounts if you buy multiple items :slight_smile:

Stuff I want to get rid of:

Bowery Surf adjustable baseplate for Surf Rodz RKP trucks. 25€

These baseplates also allow for negative angles, so you can mount your trucks in reverse for better wheel clerance / crazy setups :smiley:

50 degre Surf Rodz RKP baseplate in black. Used. 15€

Nese 12s3p 18650 – 20€

Slight arcing marks on this which you should clean off.

Caliber 50 degree baseplate – 10€

Used, taken off my shortboard.

Sold items

Click to see what you missed

Newbee RTKP truck (gen 1, 340mm hanger with shoulder bolts) – 100€

(Not selling, will put on my own mountainboard)

12s 10A YZpower charger – 60€

(Didn’t sell but just want to keep)

Idea 113mm motor mounts for 200mm Surf Rodz RKP hangers. 50€

(You can ask Idea for a different truck mounting clamp to use these, that’s why they’re so cheap)

Flipsky 190kv 6374 8mm stepped shaft motors, heavily used – 50€ for both

They’re missing bullets and sensor connectors.

Sony FE 16-35 F4 zoom lens – 850€

Used, but glass and electronics are in perfect condition. Original lens cap broke, sturdier 3rd party replacement is included.

NiSi Pro Vario True Color Variable ND filter, 67mm diameter. 50€

Bestech 12s D140 BMS – 8€

Has leads for a NESE setup.

Bestech 10s D140 BMS – 5€

Idea long motor mounts (113mm CC distance) for Apex Air / Luna / 22x22mm trucks – 100€

480T HTD5m 15mm belts – 15€ for all 4

Moon 72T pulleys for MBS and Trampa pattern – 40€ for both

Flipsky 190kv 6384 8mm shaft BH motors, used – 130€ for both

One is nearly new, both work perfectly, both been used.

Surf Rodz 200mm RKP trucks with 10mm Boardnamics axles and Idea 113mm mounts – 140€

Baseplates not included, see next listing.

Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G lens – 500€

Used, perfect condition. Filmed my CarvePDX 2022 footage on this bad boy :slight_smile:

OSRR Albert remote + receiver – 300€

Things to note:
The throttle is knobless because that’s what I prefer for fine grained control
The screen has the top rows glitching a bit. Replacing it should be cheap and easy I’ve heard if it bothers you.
The USB port might not be soldered correctly, because I was unable to update the firmware on it. Not that there’s really a need to, development on this remote seems to have stopped.
Price is high because

  1. it costs a lot new
  2. this is THE most reliable remote on earth
  3. it’s got built-in telemetry and odometer features ffs, to replace this I need buy both a puck and a davega :laughing:
  4. It’s unobtanium of course

Selling because I know I’ll crash with it one day and that’ll be that.

Kaly XL deck with double stack eboosted enclosure and 12s8p P42A battery with LLT SmartBMS – 1400€

Was thinking of building something cool but having 2nd thoughts. Had trucks mounted to it and griptape applied for testing. Otherwise completely new. Battery build by myself.

More pics

Slightly blemished Ramm deck, regular flex – 190€

I found the camber too aggressive for a street deck. Should be incredible though with bindings / as a mountainboard. Idk what the blemishes are supposed to be, it looks fantastic.

Green 100mm 83A Boa wheels with kegel core – 60€

As you can see in the pic, one core is slightly cracked from me hammering these off and on of my gear drives. I’ve never seen a kegel core failure and I don’t think this one will be problematic as long as you use it as a front wheel.

Lantyachtz 40" Evo with double stack Big Ben enclosure – 280€

Was going to build a battery for this and sell as a complete. If you’re form Europe and you do want this and want me to build a battery for it / turn it into a complete, reach out! :slight_smile:

More pics here:
[EU] [Norway] Evo build for sale.

190kv 6355 Maytech motor with 8mm shaft and 4mm bullets, used – 40€

150kv 6374 Maytech motor with 8mm shaft and 4mm bullets – 60€

One bearing slightly loud, and a few scratches from storage. Otherwise basically new.

Matrix 2 trucks with orange shockblocks, Batch 1 Moon drives with rusted parts. 9T pinion for 8mm and 12T pinion for 10mm shaft. (4.9:1 and 3.7:1 ratio respectively) – 160€

This was my previous mountainboard setup. The POM wheel gears are the new, thicker, sturdier design. I can’t part this out because getting the clamps on the trucks takes a lot of hammering. If you can ignore the rusted look then this is fantastic value for a mtb drivetrain.

3dservisas waterproof Stormcore/Unity ESC box – 80€

Evolve GT/GTX belt drive guards from BoardBumpers – Free

Torqueboards 75kv direct drives with Radium steel hanger. Kegel and Abec adapters. 100€

One motor has a bit of a resistance due it likely due to a bad bearing. Under no load it uses like 3A of current, and runs 10 degrees hotter. Selling these because they both get stupid hot during chill riding.

Black 90mm Popocal 78A wheels with kegel core – 60€

VX1 without receiver – 10€

Receiver is faulty I’m pretty sure. Or worst case remote is faulty but receiver works XD If it’s the other way round I’ll just refund you.

180kv 6880 Bioboards branded Maytech motors with 10mm shaft and 5.5mm bullets – 140€ for both

More details

Robogotchi without GPS module – 60€

Missing pic cuz it’s in a board at the moment.

Daly 10s BMS – 10€

Has leads for a NESE setup.

Bestech 12s 80A discharge BMS with e-switch – 10€

Cut off from a dead battery.

Moon drives with steel straight cut gears with clamps for Luna/Apex air. 59:11 ratio, 8mm shaft. 240€

I think these are batch 7, maybe 8? These are missing a single wheel gear because I had to offer @Rudi a replacement. He has one coming in the mail, so when these sell they will have all parts present.

Trampa VESC mk 4 – 150€

Refurbished I believe, works perfectly. This one can be used with an on/off switch, or wires shortened like in the picture for roll-to-start and auto off :smiley:

2x Maker X Mini FOC – 50€ each

Maker X Mini FOC+ – 70€

I need to keep one of these for my shortboard, so once 2 are bought they will be unlisted

Robogotchi with GPS module – 110€

Luna 290mm hangers with 10mm axles + black Idea 113mm motor mounts. 400€

These are raked precision hangers, slightly narrower than the usual Moon ones which are 320mm in length, axles excluding. The axles are also slightly narrower. (For example, you can’t fit jump drives + rockstars on this setup. You could with Hoyt wheels though.) I’ve been wanting to use these on multiple setups, but every time my plans end up changing last minute, so they’re still sitting unused. Since they’re RKPs they are ever so slightly too narrow for 6" wheels on wide decks, so I would recommend using these with smaller wheels / a narrow deck. Also the hangers are b-grade, so expect a few dings you’ll never notice after the first ride anyway.

Landyachtz 40" Switchblade deck – 140€

Griptape is in the condition as shown in the pictures. Bottom has some M5 (aluminum I think) inserts which work with Eboosted’s enclosure for it.

More pics

3ds mini urethane helical drives 2.6:1 ratio, 8mm shaft. – 40€

These are beat to shit and need the bolts replaced. I’d recommend using wheels larger than 100mm with them. Gears are also a bit damaged due to stuff coming loose, but they still ran fine until I broke one of my motors.

Stormcore 60D+ – 300€ each

One is new, one is lighly used. Selling only because of Radium motor compatibility. Theoretically I have 4 total if you have some crazy project that needs that many xd

Mini remotes, APS remote, Nano X remote – 5€ each

16s 5A YZpower charger – 40€

Daly 16s BMS – 20€

Look how small this one is! :open_mouth:

Lightly used Boardnamics 220mm hanger – 30€

VX1 Pro – 35€

Used twice, selling because I got a disconnect once.

Tamron 70-300mm F4.5 - F6.3 zoom lens – 270€

For Sony E-mount, full frame. Used. Perfect condition optically.

Samyang 45mm F1.8 lens – 150€

For Sony E-mount, full frame. Used. Perfect condition optically.

Samyang 24mm F2.8 lens – 100€

For Sony E-mount, full frame. Used. Perfect condition optically.

Sony a7 mk2 – 400€

Comes with 2 spare batteries and charger.

If you really are interested in the camera, then I must warn you that:

  1. The lens connector pin assembly was replaced because my lenses would lose contact sometimes, now the issue is gone :slight_smile:
  2. The screen cable was replaced because I broke it once accidentally lol. no issues there though
  3. The camera very rarely (once a month I would say) will give a popup message saying “camera error”. Turning the camera off and on again fixes the issue. Not entirely sure what the cause is, but unless you’re doing intense street photography, it’s a non issue.
  4. Since I did disassemble it a few times for repairs, I have a bag of spare / missing screws for the camera, lol.

Not listed because I’m still using them but would like to get rid of them eventually: used 3ds helical 1:4 drives with CNC hubs for 8/10mm axles, 3ds fatboy surf rodz 260mm hangers, and my OSRR remote. (I know I’ll crash with it one day and break it so it’s probably best if I let go of it.) If someone’s interested I’ll come up with a price for them.




Oh, I also have TONS of Riptide Krank, APS, and WFB bushings / pivot cups. Also lots of XT connectors / charge connectors / bullets. If you order something name what you’re after and I’ll check if I can accomodate :slight_smile:


My sweet Raisin :cry:

Can we ask about your new business venture?




Jokes aside, I’m using the time I have now for learning. Mostly reading books. Exploration before exploitation. When I settle down on a single idea I’ll be sure to share with y’all :slight_smile:


Sad to see you taking a step back, but wish you all the luck with your future ventures! :heart:

Does this mean you won’t be at carve next year? :disappointed_relieved: Even if you don’t have a board by then, if you can get there I will gladly find a board for you to use :heart:


Sad to see you go, your contributions to the forum has been a great help to me. Would totally buy some stuffz If I wasn’t broke. Good luck on your future business!


My attendance at Carve next year is definitely unknown currently. And my travel board will get finalized, don’t you worry :smiley: Perhaps I can justify making the trip by buying a new laptop for way cheaper than here in Europe :laughing: (Also I hate the ISO keyboard layout sold here)


Aw no sad to see you go my guy, you got some good stuff in there. If I hadn’t spent so much on black friday and christmas presents I’d definitely pick up some stuff haha


Damn man, you’re a solid guy around here. Guess I’ll take the aps remotes and cry with everyone else. :hugs::metal:


The year is 2027…

Rusins has started a successful fortune 500 that has revolutionized the plumbus industry. Fleeb is no longer needed and hizzards don’t need to rub against the chumbles, resulting in enormous cost savings. With a comfy P&L, Rusins pops his head into esk8.news to check on those old friends:

  • The next beta round of OSSR is currently only 6-8 months away.
  • Hoyt’s race team stands dominates every podium, and well, people are getting pretty fed up of seeing the same board win every race.
  • Poasttoast has just blown up stormcore #269 - scientists are now researching him as a weapon of war for neutralizing enemy technology.
  • Brian has decided gear drive and pneumatic wheels actually slapp pretty hard.
  • Karam has started an online pawnshop www.Knivesoutforkarambay.com
  • Esk8 builders are regularly electrocuted by our 28s battery packs. It’s a price we’re willing to pay, because it’s so much better than those pitiful 24s packs of last year.

@rusins jokes aside, sorry to see you step back, but wish you luck in your new venture. Hope you can make it to carve 2023.


That’s pretty much what fpv people think whenever they see my esk8 packs


Another one bites the dust lol. It was nice hanging with you man. Good luck with the business and maybe we’ll ride again one day!


Awe nooooo! I’m gonna miss you as one of the more clear-headed on this forum. Best wishes in your future adventures!

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Is now a good time to say good riddance, I think you’re a cunt?

Crazy amount of stuff for sale! You could fund a a
small war if you sell it all!


Just dangle around like a leftover anal bead, working well for me bud. You’re too much of an asset to leave us.


Oh wow, I haven’t realised what thread this was. @rusins that makes me sad to see you leave the hobby, but I hope you’re making the right decision.
Starting your own buisness isn’t an easy thing, good luck ! I’m sure it will turn out to be great !

And don’t disapear from the forum just because you don’t build anymore !


Wow - I didn’t expect this.

I seem to be doing the complete opposite, working less, earning less, but skating much more and getting really peeved if the suns out and I’m not.

You’ve helped me out a number of times with queries and are a total asset to the forum, so thanks a lot for your assistance - but don’t worry - I’ll still pick your brains in future, so there will be no escape . . .

I wish you all the best in your new venture and have pm’d you with some bits I’m interested in