[EU] Rusins' LV yard sale – Motors, Focbox, BMS, junk!

Shipping for small items is between 10 and 20€ in the EU. For large items ask me for a quote. Outside the EU it’s from 15 to 40€ depending on the destination.


6880 Maytech 180kv motors with support bearing from Bioboards – 240€

25cm phase wires
35cm sensor cable (no adapter needed for vesc)
5.5mm bullet connectors (don’t recommend changing them due to wire enamel)
40mm shaft, 10mm in width. 19mm keyway slot
(I believe these are battle hardened from the factory, but haven’t opened them up to be sure)

Unused, just tested on the bench just now prior to selling. 1 motor sounds like the can is scraping against the stator a little (ironic, considering these have a support bearing). I’ve included a video showcasing them working / the sound:

Reason for selling: I’ve heard some reports of these motors not being good in wet conditions due to the outer bearing, and I need motors with an 8mm shaft for my build anyway.

Price: 240€


DB Longboards Freeride DT 38" – 50€ SOLD


Painted in Orangutang blue by yours truly. Viscous grip. If you don’t like it, I can throw in a sheet of electricboardsolutions griptape for 5€.

Has 6 shitty aluminum M6 threaded inserts underneath, and a silicone mat glued on. + some velcro straps for securing a battery.

Edit: I removed the silicone mat and strips to use it as a push deck. 5€ extra if you want these trucks and wheels. 5€ more if you want bearings :stuck_out_tongue:

Comes with free ABS enclosure and bolts.

Enclosure pics & dimensions

Enclosure is from esk8.de
Enclosure internal dimensions are 495mm x 145mm x 24mm

Price: 50€

JJ Boards 40" super stiff, 13 ply downhill double drop deck – 90€ SOLD


Weight: 2.3kg
Guy who drilled the truck holes in it was high at the time, so we had to redo it.
Grip is a combination of medium and harsh.

More pics and dimensions

Price: 90€


Enertion Focbox v1.6 in semi-working condition – 30€

  • I had to cut off its CAN chip after using it in a double setup
  • It can’t measure its mosfet temperature anymore. Reports a constant 25 degrees, so be ware of using it in a setup where it might accidentally overheat.
  • I replaced the phase wires with long ones with 5.5mm bullet connectors. (Can include 4mm if you want. 5€ extra to solder them)
More pictures

Price: 30€

TorqueBoards 4.12 vescs SOLD


55€ for a single, 100€ for 2 (Third was is getting DRV errors, comes free if you buy the others)

They all have XT-60s and 5.5mm bullet connectors.

Price: 55€ for 1, 100€ for 2

BMS – 12s 80A Bestech HCX-D596 – 40€

It is currently attached to a 12s2p battery; I will unsolder it if it gets sold. Shipping the whole battery is hard + it uses cells people wouldn’t want. Here’s a picture of it currently to prove that I have it, and then there’s a photo of the battery being built.

Datasheet for the BMS

Price: 40€


12s Li-ion fanless 1.5A charger – 10€

Has a 5.5 x 2.5 plug, can include a couple charging ports.

Maytech 6374 170KV motor – 20€ SOLD


One of the magnets is missing a chip, which caused it to lock up on my brother. I think it should be fine if you replace that one magnet. Also it’s missing bullet connectors, had to steal them :grimacing:


I’ll take the Maytech 6374, PM’d


Can you check shipping in France for the 3 vescs please?

18.49 €

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How much could you do for a single VESC?
They’re a bit pricy… I can get them new from China for 50 Euros, so what can you offer me:)?

Bump! Dropped prices, and added a 12s BMS with 80A discharge.

@Niklas The current price in the listing is what I’m offering them for. Might drop the price again, although I might just keep them :stuck_out_tongue:

How much is shipping? Im afraid buying them new will turn out cheaper I guess ^^

Which country are you from? I can check then

Germany :slight_smile:


Okay, guess I’ll go new then

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Motor & ESCs are sold; blue deck is pending sale.
Edit: blue board sold

Added a 1.5A 12s charger. Good value for a budget build!

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Reduced the price of the BMS, and added a malfunctioning focbox:

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Shipping to belgium for the deck?

Looks like 50€. DPD say they can do it for 25€, but a year ago they just never showed up and after rebooking 6 times I just had to cancel the pickup. I mean we can try if you want :man_shrugging:

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Big deck has been sold! Reduced price of the Focbox to 50€.

Might add some Boardnamics mounts to the sale, not sure yet.


Selling a pair of motors! These cost me 320€ new. Will be decreasing the price over time so get them before someone else does :stuck_out_tongue:


Dropping the motor price to 250€ for both!

I can ship internationally too!

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You people drive a hard bargain… 240€ for the motors it is.

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