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Esk8supply direct drive Group Buy of 3-6 people USA (elofty direct drives)

Hi everyone,

I have collaborated with Nathan at @Esk8supply to run a group buy on the popular “elofty direct drives”. This group buy will be limited to 3-6 sets as we want to keep it fairly manageable and to get the ball rolling.

  • All the items will be shipped to me as one package from china. And then I will re-ship to each of the members individually
  • I am located in the USA/Canada and would like to keep it within USA/Canada for simplicity and shipping costs
  • Please remember these additional costs of a group buy when you order: (re-shipping costs, possible custom duties, paypal fees, etc) All of these extra costs will be finalized to 95% accuracy when I start collecting the money
  • I take payments in paypal only
  • Please remember this is a group buy, and not amazon prime. Expect the entire process to take some time. (Waiting for signups, gathering money, having the initial package shipped from china, re-shipping to everyone)
  • All additional support, troubleshooting, warranty, will be provided by @Esk8supply and NOT the groupbuy organizer

Here attached is the price list for 3 and 6 unit group buy:

*if you buy the drives and wheels, the bearings and spacers will be included

**If you are interested in participating in the groupbuy, please sign up officially here (first come first serve): [signup is over, but message @Esk8supply to see if he is still offering group buy prices]

Nathan has been really responsive over the past week with PM’s and helping me gather all the information. I have a good feeling this group buy will go smoothly.

If you have any questions, please post here and Nathan and I will try to best answer them


We had a few more people join in on the groupbuy that allowed it to be feasible for @Esk8supply to ship all items DIRECTLY to you for cheaper than if I had re-shipped it!

All prices are calculated and this is the final cost for everyone! The total cost is in green

Please pay Nathan directly in paypal
Please pay as “goods and services” and the paypal fees are already included in the price. So you only need to send the total (in green)

For those of you who want to join in, you still can! Since everything will be shipped directly, feel free to post here or message @Esk8supply for a quote. We will leave this groupbuy pricing open for a short amount of time.

Thank you everyone for making this groupbuy happen!
And thank you Nathan for your excellent communication and listen to the community



  • We now have the option of 58kv or 75kv! Please specify what kv you want on the order form.
  • If you want abec adapters, please also specify if you want 58kv or 72kv adapters. (They have slightly different mounting screw holes)


  • Nathan has been nice enough to front the costs of making abec adapters and having them on hand. All adapters are now $30/set without a minimum quantity!

Prices for the 58kv are increased by $25 (both 3 unit and 6 unit price)

Some pictures of the drives:


As some of you have mentioned, these are 58kv motors.
Here is the calculator I use to figure out the top speed with the different options of wheels and 10s vs 12s{"batt-type-lipo":0,"batt-cells":12,"motor-kv":58,"system-efficiency":90,"motor-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-size":120}|


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I’m actually liking Nathan @Esk8supply a lot. He’s doing all the good things and right off the bat too. Unfortunately, I have 2 other boards at the top of my priority list so I won’t be needing this anytime soon. Good luck with the group buy guys! I love my 75kv DDs


Thanks dude❤️


Can I just mention something new, I contacted elofty and can offer the 75kv dd for the same price in the order.
For those who want to use 10s instead.


are they exactly the same versions drive except the kv?

No, they are from elofty. They have different size adapters compare to the ones we stock. Some of you already tried them out.

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It is OK to run 10s on the 58kv? I don’t care about top speed as I usually ride <20mph. I do need torque for possible bigger wheels.


yeah its ok.
use this calculator with the wheels you want for the top speed:{"batt-type-lipo":0,"batt-cells":10,"motor-kv":58,"system-efficiency":90,"motor-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-size":120}|

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Yep, then you should go for the lower kv. Throw a set of big wheels on there, then you will be gucci :call_me_hand:


Ok count me in for the new group buy.

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fill out the signup form with what options you would like :slight_smile:

I’m really interested in this. Will definitely jump on the next GB or be able to get in in a few months


@Esk8supply do you happen to know if it’s possible to order those elofty complete boards right from the manufacturer? I remember they were being sold for $600-800 for a complete 10s4p, hobbywing ESC, and DDs

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I can definitely speak to @Esk8supply’s fast response and reliability! He’s a great guy that is fantastic with communication and always tries his best to answer questions and concerns. 20/10 would recommend and do business again :smiley:


I’m not sure, we only sell the 12s version. :sweat_smile:

I know one guy that bought the eLofty complete, but didn’t get the performance he was expecting. I think the 10s4p had low-quality cells and a limited BMS. He switched to a new battery and a Unity and problem solved.

I’ve run mine off a standard Hobbywing/decent battery before and it works surprisingly well from a smoothness/control aspect but a bit of a snooze in the performance department.


I replaced the hobbywing with a dual FSESC 4.20 plus and VX1 and the performance was night and day. Unfortunately I built it for a friend and now I realize I should’ve taken it for myself