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NoNameYet - Bustin, Maker-X Dual V4, Elofty DD, 10s2p Lipo (In Progress)

Hello y’all! Been on this forum for a bit and thought it was about time to start posting and cataloging some of my builds. Also for some of the more experienced builders to point out deficiencies and potential time bombs :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my third DIY build. I’ve selected some leftover components I’ve gathered over my other 2 builds (maybe I’ll go back and take some pictures of my other builds).

Deck is a Bustin Blemish Sportster. I bought it during their sale about a month ago.

It’s a great looking board and I love the shape and feel! To be honest, I’m not even sure I see the blemish haha. My main concern is how flexible the deck is. Great for absorbing shocks although problematic for mounting enclosures but I think I have a way around that while preserving the flex of the deck (more later on).

Using Elofty DDs bought from during their sale. Here’s a link to existing threads about Elofty DDs:

The ones I received are 58kv and are slightly improved compared to existing elofty DDs out there as there’s a setscrew and glue holding the cans together. I will still be going over all the other threads with blue loctite. One thing I am unsure of is if these are the hardened version. Only time will tell however I don’t really plan on any rough riding with this setup.

My set came with kegel adapters but compared to my first adapters, these don’t have a lip for the inner bearings. I kind of liked having that inner bearing lip as it was one less moving component however the inner lip did prevent me from inserting in the wheel hubs flush against the DD.Ignore that raised pin. Cato Chen from BoundMotor quickly resolved that issue for me.

For metrics, I plan on using a DaVega X.

Below you can see the mounting plate of the DaVega X

Here’s my idea on getting around an enclosure and preserving the flex.

It’s a small waterproof box that’s big enough to contain the 2 X 6S 5000mAh batteries and MakerX dual V4. The only question now is mounting the box in the middle or on the rear.

Aesthetically, I think it looks better in the middle but practically, it may be better to mount in the rear. That ways, the cables are shorter and there’s a handle too :sweat_smile:

The issue with mounting in the rear is it looks a little too big and has potential for wheel bite. Alternatively, I may opt for a smaller case as there’s plenty of space inside. That ways, I don’t feel as goofy mounting it in the back.

Here’s another picture of how I’m adding lights to my build. I’m using

I slightly miscalculated the length of the mount of the light and will probably reprint to have it not rest on the trucks and at a better angle.

I’m planning on using AliExpress 6X2 tires and waiting for my 3D printed hubs from @mishrasubhransu ( to finish printing!

That’s all for now! What’s left to do is some wiring of the batteries and balance leads. I’ll be back to post more updates :smiley:



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Mounting your battery on the back will put a lot of weight over your rear wheels and could increase the likelihood of speed wobbles. It will also deter women.

Doesn’t @eBoosted make an enclosure for the sportster?

Sorry bro, but for such a sexy deck, it seems a shame to plonk a big box on top of it.


Hmm that’s a good point! I haven’t really though about speed wobbles but the latter point is scarier :sweat_smile:

Yeah I know what you mean :confused: It just looks kind of funny either way

I think he gave an ETA of the end of this month? I am curious what the solution is though. The deck is really flexible! Even if the enclosure is flexible, I think that means the battery would then need to be flexible too. The alternative would be a enclosure that makes the board more rigid? Seems like a shame to go down that route too

To be honest dude, even a meepo style dual enclosure would look far better than the box solution.

If looks aren’t your thing then totally just go for the box, but for me it’s nice to look at something i’ve built and think ‘damn that looks good’




I have the design ready, I will show you the beta enclosure this weekend. It’s going to be pretty nice but you will have mount motors outwards, no option for inwards mounting.


I’m excited :smiley:

Yeah I was planning to go with DDs anyways so not a big deal I can’t mount inwards

Nice build plan! It looks like the white plastic is slightly thin and the lamp would “bounce” on it like a diving board when riding?

How are you planning to get a 6x2 DD adapter?

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Thanks! Yeah that part needs to be reprinted so that the light is mounted higher up. I’m currently waiting for wheel hubs to finish before correcting the lights.

Alternatively I was also just thinking of sandwiching a piece of foam underneath it :sweat_smile:

I have metal DD adapters for kegel wheels already, just waiting for 6x2 hubs to finish printing to mount them. The hubs have kegel holes to put the adapters in. If I end up not liking the setup, I may also switch to belt drives

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you should mount the light top mount where the “X-thingys” go.

Unless you plan on putting something else on there, it should be the stablest solution

Something is cooking:


There’s a DaVega X where the “X-thingys” are. I only had the DaVega base plate on in that photo :sweat_smile:


Noiceeeee! But this also means a flexible pack is required right?

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Yes. This deck will definitely need a flexible pack, the deck is really flexible, so way to mount a regular pack without catastrophic consecuences