DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

This thread is outdated. For recent information please see DAVEGA X Updates.

We’re close to starting the production of the new DAVEGA X. This is to find out how many people might be interested and what color options would be the most popular.

The DAVEGA X will come with a larger 2.8" display, anodized aluminum housing, and a lot new features such as:

  • estimating range
  • tracking consumption (Wh/km or Wh/mi)
  • lifetime stats for battery usage (total Wh and mAh discharged)
  • configuration via menu
  • over the air firmware updates
  • and more…

It will arrive to you fully assembled as a plug-and-play solution and will be very easy to install on the board.

The baseplate mounts on the truck bolts and doubles as the “X thingie”. Both old school and new school is supported with a few positions to choose from.

The price is not yet final but shouldn’t be more than 100 EUR.

We can’t do too many color options in the first batch. We’ll do black. We may do cherry red if there’s enough interest (this would be darker red than what’s mounted on the EVO Falcon below; more like the sides of the Falcon). We can also leave it unanodized so that you can do any color you want on your own. Here’s a poll:

  • black anodized aluminum
  • cherry red anodized aluminum
  • raw aluminum (no anodizing)

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Some pics (credits @janpom, @LR-designs, and @SeanHacker):


Sweet I’m so excited for this

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That looks sweet!
Just to make it sure, it still works via uart port and hard wired?

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@janpom Can’t wait! Wife is buying this for my birthday gift :slight_smile:
Btw can this be mounted to trampa holypro 35° decks?


I was just wondering the same thing!


That’s correct. You need to route a 4P 26AWG cable to your VESC UART port. By default, 80 cm cable will be provided including connectors.


Very nice! Count me in!

One for me!

Super stoked for this. I would prefer an option for no or murdered out branding. That’s not to say what is shown is obnoxious, cause it’s not. I just would prefer it to be more muted.

Maybe more like this?



quote=“McLovinsQuads, post:5, topic:5203, full:true”]
I was just wondering the same thing!


Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. It’s not loud, at all, I just would prefer it to be even less noticeable or not there at all. But that’s me.

OK, thanks for the feedback.

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@janpom will likely have to elaborate, but unless he is willing to make another plate to mount it to the tip it won’t fit since trampa uses different bolt hole placements for their trucks.

Alternatively,= if you are using matrix 2’s on a trampa like me and have re-drilled 2 holes to get them to fit, it would be fine since MBS uses the normal skate truck mounting. Correct?


i need this.

didn’t get in on the initial run so need at least two please.

what kind of time frame can we expect?

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I mean he has it mounted to a lacroix in one of the pics, looks like it has the spring retainer screws poking up next to the module, like on my trampa. But hopefully @janpom can let us know. It is def a cool piece to have on the board it looks like!

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I’m using mini street carver trucks. But I’d be willing to pay a small fee for some sort of adaptor plate

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Here’s my nose on my trampa eMTB, the mounting holes don’t look to far different than most

Were not exactly the same. This is why I suggest extra fees for an adaptor plate

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