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DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

I use matrix2 on my trampa as well and they work without drilling new holes.
I think there is a difference between the Carve decks and the Mountainboard decks. The carve decks have a different hole pattern, the mtb deck have as min the old school pattern and depending on the batch as well the carve hole pattern predrilled.


I’m not sure but I’ll find out. I’m currently AFK and with limited internet access. Here’s what the alu baseplates look like. The mounted on Falcon is with the old school pattern. The holes are such that if you move the bolts one row closer together, you get the new school pattern.

@SeanHacker has mounted it with two bolts only on his Lacroix. Maybe the same can be done for Trampa? Sean, how does it hold in place with 2 bolts? Is it OK?


I actually could’ve used all 4 bolts. I was just lazy and the two of them hold perfectly anyways.


Well it’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to have one of these hahaha very nice product you have!

I want one as well. Count me in.

Very nice dude cant wait to get one, although the original davega feels more special cause I put it together lol


This project is actually incredible. Any pictures of a raw metal one yet?


When you have a chance I’d like a schematic with measurements of the base plate :slight_smile: j have a feeling the plate would end up in the angle of the board

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If he pm’s the measurements to ya, shoot them over if you don’t mind!

I’m on board either way though! I know a guy that can make an adapter if needed :blush:


Same here. I just need to plan it out before it gets here so I dont spend weeks with it in a drawer

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I will order one as soon as it’s available…

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Guys I will make a 2d drawing of the base plate tomorrow when I’m back at the office. :+1:t3:


@LR-designs just pointed out a good question that should be asked – will this version of the Davega be water resistant? It’s very important for us UK peeps :stuck_out_tongue:


It is for regular rain but big puddles I’m not sure, it’s not o-ringed at the seem between the base plate and the top housing. The housing is waterproof as it has a acrylic screen and the buttons have o-rings. But water could get in from the bottom. If you you want to use in rain I’d recommend conformal coating the PCBs and putting a gasket between the housing and the base plate.


Here is the dimensions of the base plate for those interested.

This is a hole pattern for new school and old school, it can fit both.


There is one issue though the front most counter sunk truck holes leave a small gap where water could get in. So I’m considering removing these extra holes so you could get a nice gasket seal all the way around. But you would loose the adjustable positioning. It would still fit old and new school.

Then the plate would look like this.

What you guys think, would you give up the adjustable positioning for better waterproofing?


Looks great, adjustable positing over waterproofing every day though.

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Cool but that won’t fit me :frowning: I think trampa threw old/new school out the window on their mini Carver trucks

How about keeping just 4 holes but position them in asymmetric way so that you can get a different position by rotating the baseplate 180 degrees?

If we positioned the holes like this it would give us 2 mounting options for old school and 4 for new school.

The empty circles are the mirrored holes (if you rotate the baseplates 180 degrees). The offsets are such that the 4 positions for the new school pattern are equidistant.

I hope it makes sense. I don’t even have a ruler around to make a better drawing, sorry. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Oops. Wrong. The new school in my drawing should actually be old school. Let me correct it.


Is there a list going yet? :blush:


Corrected. This way we would get 4 options for old school and 6 options for new school.