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DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

What this guy said!

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First … I’ll take two

Second. Trampa

The difference between the mini spring and the atb is in the hanger. The mini springs have inner and outer positions where as the atb only utilize the outter position.

Mini spring

They use the same base plate. Now here’s the kicker. The baseplate has standard holes!

It’s the deck that doesn’t.
So if you have the mini spring move the springs to the outer position and you should be able to grind out a spot for the adjuster screws.


Actually you might not have to grind it out in the outter position

Here’s a better drawing. @LR-designs, can we do it this way?


Not any more :wink:


This is true for the hangar/baseplate but on an unmodified trampa deck, those “universal” holes dont exist.

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So it looks like it’ll work on my unmodified trampa deck :heart_eyes: I guess to say “it WILL work on trampa” would be hard to do because they have several different styles under the same name it seems

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Damn it! That’s an other new thing I need :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not really, I played a bit with the inner position but settled on the outer especially for off road.

I use mini spring in the inner position in the back and atb outter position in the front. Super carvy but stable at speed

I’m ready to order…that’s all I know.




Yup, ready to order here too. Haha


So just saw flipskys version of this. I think yours looks a lot sleeker and able to use factory holes to mount, and supporting one of our own in a small hobby is always a huge plus I think. Theirs appears to be a tad larger and mounting points that are outside the edge of the casing. Any word on an eta or a preorder list for yours @janpom?

This is the old version that flipsky copied. This new version is waaaaaay better. :wink:


I def don’t doubt the X is better. I just happened across flipskys and was like wait a min! I’m 100% down for supporting the OG :grin: Just didn’t know if anyone else saw the bigger “copy”

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While I wait impatiently for this one I’m gonna have @Venom121212’s old davega since hes already rocking the X prototype.


That’s hilarious I literally just left the post office. Enjoy it!

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For the people wondering how the new DAVEga looks like on a Trampa Holy Pro board with the different hole pattern. @Flasher

@Ace is right that you need to use the outer spring/damper position if you want them accessible because the inner is covered. (damper screws are not screwed in the picture) And its only possible to use the two bottom screws to mount the DAVEga baseplate.