Esk8 SoCal Outlaw Series

Esk8 Socal Outlaw Series
This is a 5 race series with one throw out race. Highest points wins Champion for the respective division.

Tracks will be tuned for a 25mph top speed “Short Track”

Divisions :

Pro Urethane : any urethane wheel, any make/model board (no rubber)

Pro Rubber : any rubber construct wheel, any make/model board

Purse $ divided 60/40 - rubber/urethane

Race Format

Qualifying :
each competitor will have a rolling start - green, white, checkered clocked, fastest of two laps is your qualifying time.

Heat races :
3 laps
groups of 4 sorted by qualifying times, begining with fast time on the pole position and sorted back from qualifying times into two rows
Pole position sets a slow rolling pace, race is started when the green flag drops. (a rolling start)

Main Events :
4 laps
groups of 6 determined by heat race finish position, all heat race ties broken by qualifying times. mains will be sorted A, B, C. The C main will start first and the top two will transfer to the B. Top two from the B will transfer to the A.

Points :
awarded from main events only : 1=100pts, 2=90pts, 3=85pts, 4=80pts 5=79pts, 6=78pts,
7=77pts and on down. In order to recieve points you must attempt to start your main event.
Max 25 entries, first come first served. Sign-in from 7:30am to 8:30am. If you are not in line by 8 am, you are a spectator. $20 entry and waiver signature, all monies go to the podium. Full face helmet required - no exceptions.

Schedule :
Race 1 Sept 22 Race 1 completed
Race 2 Oct 6 Race 2 completed
Race 3 Oct 20 completed
Race 4 Nov 3 completed

SOS race5 Nov17. Sign ins 7:30-8:30 Points Series awards following race events over Lunch. Points from your best 4 of 5 races.

Torrance, CA 90505


SOS Race #1 in the books
Urethane Class Main event:

P1) Lei Qisheng (Q 17.27) Psychotiller Mastercarve

P2) Matthew Carroll (Q19.12) Psychotiller Mastercarve

P3) Dash Seiffer (Q 17.67)
DIY Evo single

Rubber Class Main event:

P1) Jason Lucier (Q 14.20)
Stooge Raceboard

P2) Lei Qisheng (Q 14.86)

P3) Matthew Carroll (Q 16.31)

P4) Jacob Skorupski (Q 15.30)

Jack got the Blood and Guts. Elbow and knee protection buddy.


Race #2 October 6 “The Wash” come race this legendary skate spot. Bring a push broom if ya can.
1902 English St
1902 English St, Santa Ana, CA 92706


what skate spot is here? I feel like I should know of it after growing up and skating my whole life in OC*

@Jansen Here is the spot for Race #2


Electric blower race would be interesting

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Esk8SOS Race #2 Santa Ana Wash Race. This is a great opportunity to build your skills and tune your board on a Sub 25mph closed track. Urethane Class, Rubber Class–Run Whatcha Brung racing. SUNDAY morning $20 entry. All entry goes to podium positions. Scroll up for Details.

Gonna be a great day of racin tomorrow.


Cant Wait. Bummed though cause one of my boards had the BMS blow a chip a day or two ago and now I cant use that battery and I really wanted to race try my first day of racing on both rubber and than. Now I can;t even decide which board to put my good battery in between the 2 classes. FML. Hoping psycho might be able to help me out in the morning and it’s an easier fix so bringing everything I need to solder on a new bms real quick if that’s what my issue is…

Anyway @MoeStooge I started this comment to ask you if you want me to bring my blower. It is a plug in one so I could bring an extension cord and I do have a outlet in the back of my truck we could plug it in to… I’m assuming it will power the blower since it just plugs into a normal outlet… lmk though, I think I’ll just throw it in my truck bed now just to have it there just in case and hopefully it’ll work like that or maybe there’s even an outlet somewhere… better to have an not need than need and not have at the end of the day right…

Today the boys raced and had fun. More importantly, as many of us were taught, we cleaned up and left no trace…or did they?:thinking: ( see the tire residue? )


:joy: I’m still wishing I made it… :neutral_face:


Esk8SOS Race #2 Results.

Points as of Race #2
Rubber Class: Qualifying time
Jason Lucier 190. 20.85
Lei Qisheng. 167. 19.32
Jacob Skorupski. 159. 18.86
Brandon Torgerson 100. 18.29
Sawyer Reynolds. 85. 18.46
Mike Arzamendi. 80. 18.30
Mario Chacon. 78. 17.90
Jeremy Chavez. 76. 20.44
Art Zuniga. 75. 23.56

Points Urethane.
Lei Qisheng 100
Matt Carrol 90
Dash Seiffer. 85
Special thanks to Psychotiller for sponsoring the main event payout!


@Jansen come out to SOS #3!

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I should add, fastest lap was done on a stock lacroix, so sour pusses that think they aren’t “fast enough”, chew on that.


Hey @mmaner How is @Arzamenable just a regular with the title??? I personally think speed demon or Lancaster champ would be appropriate…he is the fastest Esk8er ive personally ever ridden with…


'Oh you know I’ll be there and the rest of them fo sho! Honest opinion though is 4wd shouldn’t be with 2 wd races and people should have to ride their own boards… just my 2 cents since we are at the end of the day talking about winning money. I could hop on a bigger better board than what others are riding and win too… I still haven’t even raced besides messing around with friends so maybe that opinion will change but kind of defeats the purpose of the race right? Or am I trippin? Cause the latter is certainly possible :slight_smile:

Oh and @Arzamenable , I am actually hopping on my board as we speak to go drop a pin and take some short videos of the reservoir track by my pad I’ve been telling you about cause Dave and Moe seemed to have some interest yesterday in doing a race there which would be sick af! I will just record a whole lap so you guys can see it all. Report back in 30-45 mins.


How the hell do I know, Im not the only one that assigns titles :slight_smile:.

Whaaaaaaaattt! I thought you and @BillGordon ran shit while lhb was just the pretty face?!?!?


Haha, just quick in SoCal streets. Off-road and out of state, bird scooters will beat me.


Pretty sure you can add denver streets as well lol

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