ESK8 Forum Universal Heatsink | Supports Most Major ESCs

Hello everyone, this thread is for my universal heatsink. This new thread is being made to keep newcomers from getting confused with all of the updates and design changes in the dev thread. If you have anything to say about the design and manufacturing process, by all means leave that on the dev thread

Anyway…On to the product. I have worked with members of the community as well as a few friends to design a slick, universal heatsink that supports all of the most popular ESCs.

Supported controllers: Stormcore 100s, 100d, 60d, Unity, Focbox, Vesc6, and TorqueBoards’ new TB6

Each unit is only $60 + shipping. I feel that this price is competitive and is still affordable enough for new members to enjoy. If you would like one (or more :grin:), please PM me and I will get you situated. I will have a few extras in case someone misses out, but best to get in early.

Each unit comes with the mounting plate, heatsink plate, and all of the screws required to successfully install the heatsink.


  • Dimensions: 150x100x12 (6mm in the Z sticks out of enclosure)
  • 11 fin heatsink for great thermal dissipation
  • Sturdy black anodize and laser etched white logo for maximum sex appeal
  • 2 plate design to support multiple ESCs while keeping the heatsink plate clean and free of unused holes
  • Socket head cap screws only

Ask any questions here, or PM me.

Thanks everyone, I hope y’all enjoy this sick new product :call_me_hand:t4:


I’m going to redesign my eMTB enclosure to fit this heatsink, do you have a schematic/model or something I can use to design with?


I have a few files that may help.

But If you tell me what you need exactly I can make a drawing for you. I assume you just need the dimensions of the whole thing, dimensions of the part that sticks out, and then the hole pattern for mounting to enclosure.

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I just want to redesign the lid to the enclosure I made:

If you have the model availabe that I can just drop in this design and work around that would be great.

But if not the stuff below works :arrow_down_small:

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yeah that’s what we need…

dimensions of the whole thing, and the mounting hole things… and thickness… a 2d drawing works

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Yeah, will make the drawing. Sorry, I would rather not post my cad files

Gimme a few.


yeah lol, kind of a dumb question, what else would you need.

I am tired haha

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I completely understand…

It works out though because I can just create a sketch on top of this and cut it out…

Edit: I just realized my enclosure is 8mm too narrow so I might as well just redesign and reprint it completely…

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Thanks so much!

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You got it man. LMK if I left anything out. Or if you need something more.

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Might be too late, but I would’ve called this the “Constellation Cooler”, since the mounting plate is so holey.


Thats sick. I actually like that. Not too late.




what are you gettin at kook?

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it’s a holey roller brother!!!

I meant nada tostada brother… keep on keepin’ on!!!


i can’t even.


uhhhhh okay


Does the 60D sit directly in the middle of the heatsink like the 3D Servisas one or is it offset at all?