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Esk8 Convention 2022

He has some wedges… 15 degree looks like… so it will turn… very very gently… gotta be safe without helmets… needa make sure that limited amount of gray matter doesn’t get injured.


angle riser ftw amiright

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Someone ps a dickasaurus between his legs… clearly its natural habitat!

Yo! So I reached out to Mike, (We both live in Vegas and I was hired to capture their media) and I want to clear the air and fact check some of these comments. I asked him a few questions that hopefully will clear the air regarding Esk8Con. This is going to be a VERY Lengthy post, bear with me…

I’m doing this in hopes to really turn around some of the doubt’s regarding this event. Me personally I’d love for this event to happen and would love to see these events happen every year for us to all get together; community & vendors. I’m not doing this to prove anyone wrong but to clear up any unclear details.

Disclaimer, I have met Mike and have communication access to him. This post is not sponsored by him or influenced by him at all. These are responses of my own to my questions i’ve asked him. Some questions are from this thread and some questions are my own. With the information provided by Mike i took it upon myself to reply to the comments I know the answer too or have an opinion on.

Facts, this will be a great opportunity for vendors all around the world to connect and get closer to the Esk8 community and to grow their fan base and promote new products.

I plan on attending and capturing a majority of the footage used for Esk8 Con and could use some assistance. (Not sure if you’re planning on Vlogging it or wanting to be hired for photos/video/live stream setup)

This has been a thought already and brought up in ideas, and have been trying to solidify a “Valet” style with power charging (providing I.D. and given a Valet number etc.)

There will be a small concession stand at affordable prices. (Talks about a few food trucks are in the works as well)

It is very much real, being held in the home of conventions of the world; Las Vegas.

Facts, Mike Beard is coordinating all the vendors to come under one roof to benefit the Esk8 community and Vendors.

MBoards is and will be one of the vendors for the Esk8Con. Not sure as of yet why it took a few days to upload the logo, but i believe it was to save space for the layout.

Definitely not MBoards or owned by Mike. And they have a youtube with some other dudes face on it.



Facts, (Mostly popular with Evolve boards)

Facts, Many companies use shopify & Squarespace specifically to manage and run their websites, which in result start to generate a similar look between them all.

Possibly something to consider. But me personally I doubt that was the reason why it took so long to have the MBoards involvement. But then again im not too sure…


As with anything new there will be many challenges and many people doubting the success of this event. But the more vendors sign up the more people will show. The more people that will show, the more vendors that will appear as well. It’s definitely going to take the support of the whole community to make this successful. I’d rather see more DIY Companies appear that just an evolve pre built production board appear. I want to meet @eBoosted in person and many other vendors of similar quality. That would be so cool!

Vegas has nice smooth paved roads, and in March the weather should be “livable/survivable”

Vegas is the home of many major conventions.

Agreed, we NEED events like this. again, this is the first of its kind and MBoards who is coordinating this has invested already a lot of money into esk8Con. (renting space and race tracks and food trucks, vendors, wrist bans, charging outlets, domain names, etc.) they’re not expected to make much or if any returns. This is solely to benefit vendors and the community. It’s assumed to be some financial loss to MBoards with how much their investing for the very first year of this.

It would be nice to have a Esk8News community attending! I mean its practically already on MBoards dime. :man_shrugging:

Facts. Nuff said.

I agree it could go either way, I’m one to do a lot of research but then again many people would prefer to see the product in person before buying. Again it definitely could go either way.

Not something to joke about. :tipping_hand_man:

The race will be held either on a large enough indoor gokart track, or a “cross country” type of race outdoors. Still TBD. (Helmets required)

The race setup will be formatted as any legitimate Formula 1 race (Quick practice, Qualifiers, Race Day with NFC stickers attached to the rider to get accurate timing)

Details are still being confirmed. But helmets at the very least are required. (its mandatory and apart of the insurance contract for hosting the race along with stationary Ambulances in the talks)

Hopefully my team Angle Group Productions will be able to handle the media presence. But also looking to hire more videographers and photographers.

Everyone deserves a chance for redemption. When MBoards first started back in 2017 (19 years old), he was a one man band and experienced a HIGH increase in orders and customer service email that he was unable to handle it all by himself. Fast forward 3-4 years from now, and he has his 2nd warehouse and group of employees to help keep up with business. Things have changed substantially and Mike now has the resources to keep everyone pleased and still be able to run a business at the same time.

I love SEMA, Also, I can’t argue this opinion. Very valid.

Regardless of who’s coordinating this. There’s obviously not much to benefit MBoards by getting all his competitors together. I see it more as a benefit for the community than the actual coordinator. :man_shrugging:

Day 1 there is supposed to be a group ride to the venue. The event is indoors to be cautious of weather conditions. Day 2 (the race) TBD either outside or indoor kart track (Again being cautious of the weather) and possibly another group ride at the end of Day 2)

SLR Boards signed up as a vendor to promote his company and boards. No involvement with MBoards obviously. Maybe we can suggest to Mike to only allow certain reputable companies with certain Esk8Con standards? IDK how Mike would manage that but I also agree I’d like to see something better from SLR Boards maybe.

I’ve rode with him once and his boards are indeed very “interesting”… SLRBoards is also a Las Vegas local, and I THINK his company is more of a concept company. (as in creating different concepts to run Esk8’s) not too sure though. Nice guy other than that. Very humble.

To sum up this very long reply, regardless of the coordinator I think:
-Vegas other than being home to me, would be the prefect location to host this and to ride long paved streets (outside of the event)
-This can really benefit vendors and the community bringing us all together to meet each other we’ve been talking to over the forums for a long time.
-With everything gathered so far, and how much that has been invested, I have HIGH hopes/expectations of this event being very successful and an anual thing.

Me personally I like Mike, and have always had great customer service from MBoards. I like working media jobs for Mike. But thats not what this post is about. It’s about Esk8Con and the successes of this event.

I’d suggest meeting Mike in person at the event, and asking him about any problems you’ve experienced personally. Im sure he’ll be more than delighted to sit down and talk… Should we do a 30 Min Q&A Mike Beard roast at the event? I’ll mention it to see if he’s down? Let me know if this should be a thing.

:sleepy: ~ End Rant


wow that’s a long message


Thanks for the long detailed post - I saw you typing a bunch and I was like, who’s this guy? Lol

Cool to hear of another video guy!

Yeah so with my Youtube now, I was thinking that it could just make some good VLOG content for sure! Maybe I could talk to / interview some of the vendors, who knows. I’m hoping to have a lot of channel growth before this event would happen too.

Behind hired for photos / video sounds interesting too, would have to discuss terms / expectations and time requirement, if I could still participate in events and all that. My Youtube email is if you want to get in contact, I can provide portfolio type stuff if asked!

I actually have an Canon R6 on the way to upgrade my video quality and I am SO excited to start using it, big upgrade from my old camera

Yeah it’s a difficult snowball to either success or failure

The problem is just that certain individuals feel very strongly about MB and his business practices - similar to how Jason was with the community as well.

It was mostly satirical in reference to badly built batteries that we have seen from them in the past lol

That’s good - I would say kneepads / gloves / armpads would be good to add to that list, and can be had for under $100. Requiring leathers makes it much less accessible for a lot of people.

Again, might be interested. At least worth conversing about. Will need to talk to my wife about the event and put it on the calendar if I’m going to be involved in that kind of way

This is what I would hope too, we have a very polarizing community sometimes though and like I said, it can be difficult to redeem oneself, especially if you never apologize

Interesting is being very kind, just how people use “special”

Idk man those things are basically aliexpress boards. There should be a standard for sure, they’re pretty much dropshipped garbage that was relevant in like 2017

I sense bad things lol

Anyways. Thanks again for the comments. We shall see what the others have to say


I’d be there as long as they throw some focbox unities into the crowd!!

I was hoping like larger youtube creators could come and made videos but who knows.

@Russ could you get to this event?

on the armor, helmets kneepads etc. it would be a good idea to have them both for sale and for rent at the event, actually. maybe if lazyrolling or fox(not likely) or someone smaller happens to get involved, they could even demo out gear for the race.

@kook stop playing with nasa’s rocket fuel and attend this event


ME PERSONALLY, I suggested to rent, or buy helmets and safety equipment. (If some people are unable to bring their helmet due to packing space within their flight etc.)


Who’s Russ?

Yeah I mean some of the larger ones are east coast, I can’t think of a west coast youtuber besides me off the top of my head right now

Ronnie is east and dkwan is obviously far away, JayB and ScottDavies and others are Aussie, etc.

@XBoard maybe could attend, that would be neat, or yeah, LazyRolling maybe or BeyondEsk8 or something


it would also be a good opportunity for people like me who dont have full gear yet or much experience with it to be able to try out different things and see what we actually like to wear before we invest in a suit of armor. and keep everyone safe. double win!


So lets convince Ruroc to come? :grin:

Their latest version of their helmet looks like it fixed the dangerous issues that it used to pose to esk8, I wouldn’t be against it

They had a version of the helmet that some people wore for esk8 that had a removable chinguard, and it broke off in some crashes, seriously messing up face of the one wearing it. Considered unsafe for sure.


i have heard SUCH divided opinions on them. i just dont want to look like a storm trooper, though. id miss my exit.


im def in though, ill be there. if its a shitshow, its still worth it to me to take a trip to vegas and skate around. hell, if my timeline keeps accelerating i might even have to buy a booth :wink: lol, jk, next year.


@russ is rep for PROPEL All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Skateboards

hmm wait is russ even US based holup


Im still dying off this comment. :rofl: :sweat_smile: I try not to be rude or shit talk.


i was just talking to him earlier today, hes in florida but a bit further south than me.
@Russ you tryna squad to vegas next year? road tripppppppp