Enclosure for Landyachtz Dinghy?

I need an enclosure for a landyachtz dingy, double stack. Has anyone made such a thing?


@Sender made one, fiberglass.

I have one, it is pretty fucking small though.

Like 10s2p single kinda small. I will take some pictures later. What are you doing with it? I Still have the mold. It is cute.


You talking about this one? :joy::joy:


I have a potential customer, petite college girl looking for a mall grabber for between classes. I have the perfect setup on a Dinghy already prototyped but it needs an enclosure. Otherwise i’ll have to track down a Loaded Kut Thaka which seem to be fucking rare right now. That one i know I can get from eboards peru but I’m having a hard time finding the deck.

i need at least a 12S3P or she’ll never discover the joy of long bike path runs.


Making a dual? Lemme see what it will fit when I get home.

Bahahha. I was looking for that the other day. No, it was the one after that.


Nope, single drive with a sealed maytech 6374 on a belt. Trying to simultaneously keep the cost and weight down while still giving her the powah of LHB.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to build a customer a smaller SD mall grabber. Then this 110 pound lady comes along with needs for speeds.

Probably do Ahmyo Akashas on 9" caliber IIs, 16/32, 6374 sealed, 12S3P, OG FocBox (i still have one or two), and one of my maytech v2 remotes. Tune down the batt amps, tune up the motor amps, gold.



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my dinghy though… i’m ironing out the issues, but i want to build on them eventually and have a complete lined up on it. I benched some parts to see what i was working against already here:


That looks great. I think its too small for her though.


How are those wheels? Specifically how do they compare to 77a kegels? I’m making a ultra light board for campus, smaller everything is better but 90% of use will be bricks


Could you 3d print one and have sender skin it?

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no, i don’t have a 3D printer, which is something i need to rectify. I also suck at modelling, two things that are seriously holding me back right now.

I’m very analog, which surprises people.


fucking brilliant. I love them. They’re soft and comfortable and for thier size they certainly hide a lot of the road noise. I have to hand it to Ahmyo.

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Should I swap over from the 77a Kegels?

they’re smaller, but ride better i think. Akashas are 76mm. Kegels kind of feel hard compared to them.

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Damn, even the light blue?

you talking kegels or caguamas?

They have the Kegel in light blue 77a now, $60 a set

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I had the the ahmyo’s and they are so much better IMO

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