Ecomobl boards general

Get out of my suspensions thread your board is too clunky


I think the idea is they make it cheap as possible for everyone and only those who need more will mod in the proper power systems.


Sounds about right.

Ecomobl Warning M53 (DO NOT BUY)
Ecomobl M53/M24X Test
Ecomobl Geardrive Motors
^^ do any of these seem good to use as a general place tho??

We don’t have a Bajaboard general either so it seems fit, if there were users here with them.

I mean they have 40T’s in them so maybe you could at least reuse the battery haha

Probably not

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Oh yea @zZoKo @ShutterShock

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you really take every opportunity


You did it to yourself


I’m like their spokesman at this point.

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I just watched the Kami video, he really rode that thing in straight up sand

The fact that it didn’t die from that is impressive haha I thought the planetary gears would be more fragile


They’ve been improved over the years. It’s not my go to tbh.


FYI I sold my ecomobl with planetary gears as it is impossible to get the gears out once well used.

:joy::joy:i call foul!!! You let propel in and that thing is even bigger

I mean they work and they are cheap :smiley:
They also have full torque startup without sensors…
And unlike some other brand’s “no sensor startup” means ZERO SENSOR needed not even temp sensor. :rofl: (Sorry i’m salty about A.S.S. selling me a dream then popping it)


Frank would like to know ur location :speak_no_evil:


Work, but will have their limits, especially hitting overheating problems in less than 5 minutes; even if the esc was made for that specific motor. Hobbywing would be the better option, if they didn’t have that “no remote signal, wheel locks” thing. I always change the esc since I can’t use it on powerful builds.

As for trampa, I already hate their monarchy of a business, so I have no clues.

Funny thing is i am about to grab a few hd vescs from them. I like their escs. But comeon… ASS still needs some form of sensors… their claims / advertisements drives me up the wall



“Buy the upgraded steering set idiot”

Prebuilt culture


So I caved and picked one up.
First impression (10 min ride before it started raining). It doesnt suck…! I went into this fully expecting to need to vesc this but nope… ling yi 4wd didnt feel like my face is gonna get ripped off by the rough acceleration. 10 inch tires and suspension actually does something! The potholes and cracks are alot smoother compared to my haero build running 9 inchers. It actually turns alright too!

Its 4wd
Very cushy
Got under glow lights
And gold trimmings

Its perfect for the pimp that cant afford a car!!!