Ecomobl M53/M24X Test

Hello boys,

I don’t think many people have experience with this brand, i sacrificed my money and ordered a M53 board from ecomobl.
I already the own the AT M24X 4WD 12kW board. It’s super solid and has insane power. Because i wanted their new remote i decided to test their new hub motor street board. (for the community!)
Will post more info after it arrives, but wanted to know if anybody owns this.
I love the metal case they have. Its super solid on my m24. Just a very diy/repair friendly board. Also it has leds toggleable from remote. Cool.

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I was gonna say that those look like some rebranded generic chinese hubs?
Then I saw this in thier speccs:
I’m sold.


I really don’t know what to expect act. But after using the m24 for some time, i expect quality

they are. Used in the Meepo 2, wowgo 2s, wowgo 3 etc for example


I appreciate your sacrifice.

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Hmm if that’s so, sleeves will be ez to get.
I really wonder about the performance of the motors.
We will see.
First my plan was to just buy the hubs from them to put on a raptor. The price was almost as high as the full board. So I just went with it.

Fairly easy yes. The one differe9 is that they seem to use 100mm sleeves compared to the 90mm standard sleeves.

So, no affiliation with this brand?

In January I bought a m24x board from a guy who pre-ordered it for his son (but it was a bit too powerful lol)
So I picked it up pretty cheap. After this good experience I would like to try their street board.

This is of course because they just opened an EU warehouse with free shipping. Otherwise I would never have ordered the m53
(I also wanted their new remote with screen for my m24)


FTFY. This has been bothering me since I first opened the thread.


Wel I didn’t make a mistake actually.
They have 2 websites:
Ecomobl = name of the brand (china warehouse)
Ecomobi = name of their warehouse in Spain

It’s weird, I know.


I got this board too its much better than the raptor 2 i had causing me broken bones and had lots of faults.


If they are building these out of genuine lawyers, i’ll buy one right now.

I rode one of those not too long ago and i actually liked it a lot. It wasn’t too quick but it was easy to ride and would crunch over anything and made cool noises. That’s the one with the planetary gears in the hub, right? So crazy.


Yes, it has these gear motors.
Super noisy but atleast people can hear me 100 meters away and move out of my way when i meet them.

I thinks its plenty fast, havent reached top speed yet (45 km/h) yet as i get wobbles as low as 30 km/h. Its not exactly like riding a normal eskate. But i will try to tighten the shocks and see if it gets any better.

That thing comes stock with a 10S6P 21700 pack of an unknown cell. I have a dead pack from one of those right here, I built as replacement pack for one a while back.

Sorry, this is off topic. but i have a fascination with generic chinese builds. Some of the stuff they do is interesting.


According to website mine comes with a 1080wh 12s Samsung 50E battery pack

maybe that’s what these are too, just with different prints on them.

Yes ! This is the m24, i also own it.
Do you have the 4WD version?
I can get beyond 45 km/h and don’t have any problems with wobbles.
Did you ever need to do maintenance on the planetary gear?

I have the 4wd version,
Not done maintanance on motors. Will do in the winter unless the breake before that

There could be some differences between our models.
As i bought it second-hand from someone who has relations in china, it turned out to be an early prototype.

There are some spec changes on the latest version (which i sadly dont have):

  • I dont have any front or back lights, only the side ledstrips in blue cop light color,{which sometimes makes me freak out when i see a reflection of it)

  • My board runs on a different battery: 42V 10S8P 24Ah {stock}

  • My remote is the version without screen {generic finger-hole china remote}

Where did you get yours? and for how much if i can ask :slight_smile: