eATB Trampa Mini Vertigo trucks trucks/3DServisas v2 1:3 gear drive setup. [SOLD]

Dear Cyber Monday shoppers I promised more stuff.

Reason: I have far too many unfinished things & work uncertainty in the new year, so to avoid these items winking at me every day a cull is the only way forward.

These items are brand spanking new, never been fitted to a deck. The trucks have been milled by 3DServisas specifically…

For these 1:3 drives, so there will be zero concerns about fitting them.

The motor spurs are for 10mm motor shafts, i.e. APS etc. The spurs are straight-cut.

A fitment guide is here: -

I won’t split the trucks and drives but I have wiped off the dust for you.

Unless you get really creative they fit Trampa SuperStar or FatBoy Solid Core Wheel Hubs. I don’t know if you could adapt them for Bergs…maybe per this link, but you’re on your own.

Ps. for those of an OCD perspective I lost a nut is seems off one of the truck kingpins, I just put on a spare nyloc nut I found in my nut-sack.

I printed out a jig for any new owner needing to mount to a non-Trampa deck and also a phase channel riser, in PETG.

Please note the marks on the baseplates, which came like that from the factory iirc.

€450 + shipping from Ireland.

Weight should be 2.7kg for both trucks and drives according to product info.


Any other goodies in there to part out? :joy::joy:


I’ll have to empty it out, make take a while.


Hi do you know what size motors fit with these drives. Many thanks

Hi, Maximum motor size: 63mm diameter and 84mm length

New price €450 + shipping, take 'em away

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!reminder when this gets to around €150 send me a message


I’ll bear it in mind :+1::rofl:

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Hi are these carver or atb trucks. Many thanks

2 x Mini VERTIGO TRAMPA TRUCKS - CNC FORGED Channel Hanger with 9.525mm HOLLOW Steel Axle CNC Baseplate Stainless Steel Kingpin - BLACK
- The MINI Spring Truck is amazing! The Axle in the Hanger is ‘Offset’ meaning its not centred, so setting up your truck with the hanger facing outwards or inwards will change the wheel base length & overall size of the board. Facing the Hanger inwards sets : Set Trucks up in URBAN Style - HYPA or SUPERSTAR wheels
- Powder Coated RED Springs
- YELLOW DAMPA’s - 65a Easy Steering



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:raising_hand_man: :call_me_hand:

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This is one of those “god damn it!!!” posts because I was going to upgrade the drive on my trampa AFTER I finish my current build :unamused:

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New price €400 + shipping

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New year bumpity bump

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Hey Alan babes.

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Ill go and offer 200 special for you :kiss: @Brenternet

Because you’re so spazial €399
Think how nice this would look on a shelf in your new Fritzl-cave

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I dont even want it, I just want you to suffer the loss

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Love you Bretzel

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