eATB Trampa Mini Vertigo trucks trucks/3DServisas v2 1:3 gear drive setup. [SOLD]

Let me just clarify since it doesn’t appear to have sunk in -

These are new items, have only been loosely mounted together, not even mounted to a deck.

The drives are v2, no idea what the changes are from v2 to v3 @3DServisas can help you with that if curious.

Everything esk8 pictured on the table is included - drives & trucks. I probably tossed about €550+ at this not inc. shipping.

No way in hell I split the trucks from the drives, besides one of the hangers is milled specifically for these drives.

And yes @Skyart the price is now €399 + shipping :joy:

Well that looks shit to assemble.

I don’t know, I guess you typically do it once?!

Two people circling this now, not really gonna hold them tho’ money talks!

For protected PP goods & services it’s looking like €462 to your door if you’re in the US, Europe maybe €25 less

I’ve been circling since day one but it’s six months too early :sob:


You’re in line ahead of @Brenternet

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I’m literally in the midst of a deck swap on that board and it has gen. 1 kaly mounts which are god awful

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@Ace 10 chars

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:heart_eyes:it’s mine!:heart_eyes:


This are sold today guys


@magharees what do you think would be the best kv for these drives. My build currently has 190kv but since it’s an 8mm shaft I’m selling them and buying new motors specifically for this drive. My current ratio is around four. These drives are at a ratio of 3 should I drop down to 170kv?

I think using the calculator will help

Since the drives are expecting to be mated to a superstar hub mounting pattern you need to decide what size tire you’re going to run

6.5” - 8”

The ratio is 1:3

The spur gear are expecting a 10mm shaft on the motor you got that great.

If 8” tires are what you planning I would say 170kv or less makes sense but run through the calc so you don’t need to revisit this and sink more cash, maybe try to dig up some builds on the old forum


Cool thanks. I followed the links. I’m gonna be running trampa urban treads. It’s my favorite tire for my use.


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