Another Trampa build

Hi, doing my first Trampa build and first diy :slight_smile: Been into FPV and RC since I was 6 so for most part its nothing new.

Will update more on the setup later

Trampa HS11
Regular trampa trucks
8" trampa threads with superstar hubs
Hk sk3 6374 192kv x2 (maybe a bit high KV but will start here with a low gear)
Focbox unity
Unik motor mounts 72T pulleys and 13-15t on the motor (ordered all 3)
20mm wide belts
EBoosted enclosure for 20700 cells
diy 12s4p sanyo 20700B battery
Flipsky Vx1 remote

Making this thread mostly if I screw up you guys can stop me so I dont end up riding a fireball :rofl:

Renovating the house at the same time so a pretty slow build but we are almost done so I can spend more time on the board and my cars :slight_smile:

Started with the battery today:
Glued the cells with hot glue and test fitted them

Wrapped the packs in fish paper but I bought to little so will have to wait for the last 4 packs

Making the nickel connections its 0.2mmx20mm

Welding with my new maletronics spot-welded :slight_smile: Really like it so far only complaint is that the probes gets quite hot after one side of the P. Feel free to comment the welds its my first time :slight_smile: Did a few tests with 18650 cells I had and the nickel rips if I try to pull it of.

Done for today will do the other 4 packs tomorrow then I need to wait for more fish paper for the last 4 :slight_smile:


Looks clean so far! Do you have more picture about your other components? I am interested to see what are those “unbranded” parts, and how do they look like.

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Will post more tomorrow :slight_smile: is not to unknown just dont remember at the moment. :joy:

Nice! Perhaps of interest, based in Ireland

PS: Those cells max at 15A iirc, so you would only be able to go 30A batt max per ESC?

Thx but got a belt drive that I will start with :slight_smile: want try to keep the volume low if I cruise in the city as the board is illegal lol :joy:

Jepp sadly only 30A per motor so if its way to little I can sell this battery and go with lower capacity but higher discharge.


Did a bit of work yesterday

Made sure that all cables are the exact same length. Probably doesn’t mater at this short distance but a nice detail. Will use 2x 12awg between the packs


Time to shrinkwrap and then reinforce with some fiberglass tape where it is needed :slight_smile: Then This will be on hold until I get more fishpaper (2-3weeks) :frowning: But bought some nice details for the motor wires today

Updated the first post with some more specs.

In need of a charger for 12s will gladly take any advice on where to find one in EU at a decent cost :slight_smile: Bioboards was out of stock :frowning: also in need of a charging port.

Finally got my fishpaper yesterday and of course my soldering iron died on me :sob: well have used it hundreds of hours since i got it 2012 so not to surprised that the spool burnt. Have ordered a new handle but borrowed one meanwhile :slight_smile:

Got a bit more done today but still in need of a charger and port :slight_smile:

Looks hideous with the fiberglass tape but its a cheap insurance.

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Finally got my last bits and done some work today. Planning on finishing it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Was so into building I forgotten to take pictures of most steps but got a few

Pack is finished with balance wires sorted. Will crimp on a new connector instead of soldering them separately

Enclosure/deck measured and drilled

Electronics ready to get glued in place will use a type of silicone so if I want to get it off I can just slip a wire underneath.


Its all done!! :smiley: Hope the weather is decent so I can try it when I get home. Will post some pics on the final board later

Notching the axels for the grub screws using a vaccume at the same time to get any dust.

All electronics are done and ready to get sealed up


All done its a monster :heart_eyes: Crazy torque with a 12/72 gearing and a bit over 40km/h top speed just perfect. Can throw on a 14 or 15T to get more top speed in the city. I love it and cant wait for better weather!


Couldn’t wait…

Shit :sweat_smile:
Well time to print some fenders lol.


Board looks dope!

I know that feeling :smiley: I try to avoid such conditions and wear old stuff obviously, but it is as it is, you will get muddy every now and then. I am not sure if printed fenders will hold up for long lol

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Check and make sure your electronics are dry. I went splashing around and came back with my board working and figured it was all good. In the morning both focboxes were dead. RIP.


haha yea was counting on it so wore old clothes that was heading for the bin. Fenders wont take all but hopefully the worst that I get on the upper body. If they break I just print new ones or improve the design :smile:

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First thing I did and was dry as I taped the enclosure just to be safe :slight_smile: tho I saw some signs on water trying to get in thru the screws so will keep that in mind if I go blasting in mud again

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Flathead screws? Seriously?

Nice build though.

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That was quick lol…

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hahaha bought the mounts and motors used and they was already mounted with those would never buy flatheads myself :joy: will replace with hex but might go gear drive so not stressing with it depends on how the motor pulley ages I suspect they wont last long as they are 3D printed so gravel will eat them up.