Drilling HUB motors for ventilation. Is it worth it?

Hi Everyone.

Basically I’m asking on thoughts for updating entetrion rspec hub motors with ventilated holes just as in this thread: Valkyrie | Raptor 2.2 | 10s4p 30Q | Modified R-Spec Hub Drive | Unity
but this thread is pretty much dead so i cant get reply on how did it go

From one side i want to keep these alive and working. But I worried about debris and water(theoretically i can add drainage hole - as this point i feel like excessive holes would not be a problem) that could stuck inside. Really don’t know what to do. So im asking for thoughts on this resolution. Is it worth it, or its better to lower amps to prevent overheating and that’s it? Option to buy other motors is too expensive so far for me

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Were you using those motors already or are you buying them now ?

Im using already

My thoughts are 100% this:

I personally would just turn down the power and live with that. Otherwise you risk messing something up that will be expensive to fix.

Sounds reasonable, thanks

and you are experiencing thermal throttling or the like ? My advice would be if it works for you so far it don’t fix it,
on the other hand if it realy is an issue I’d say try it, those hubs are so infamous I don’t think it could be any worse


It could not work at all :rofl:


Well, my main intension is po prolong urethane sleevs as much as possible. Replacements for them is pretty much non existant. Thay degrate faster on high tempretures. And also thermal trottling is a thing for me as well. Unnoying but i can live with it. Urethane thing bothers me more. But i really want to avoid is to damage as esc if water will make to motor and short it. Thank a lot for reply. If not sleeve thing i would live with it untill i cant and then will go with holes thing as you say. On the itger way maybe go diy sleeves… Hmm.

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If you dunk the stator in conformal coating (probs wanna use silicone where the wires leave so it doesn’t crack) it will be waterproof, if you add some mesh screens to keep the chunks out that would damage the windings I think it would be okay, but the road grit and water will not be good for the bearings so expect to pull them at some point (might want to get some stainless steel double sealed in advance)

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if u somehow break those hub, i got em for sale :joy:


there was some attempts at that I recall

I don’t remember hearing anything particularly successful about casting sleeves

I said attempts ^^ not success ^^ maybe it is worth finding the person who tried and ask about it, if I remember he did a good part of the work

I think the 2 part resin he used was to weak and didn’t have any rebound

I’ve been where you are now.
Desperately trying to fix those damned motors from Potter… They way Potter designed these…
In Dutch we would say " it’s like mopping with the faucet open"

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Not my case. Im in Ukraine. And its excluded for some reazon

oof, don’t blame me, my primary shipping company doesn’t want to ship to there :smiling_face_with_tear:

edit: DHL still do, but shipping cost :skull:

hm, whats the cross section on the windings in the motor? and whats the kV? And is it star or delta?

While the holes might help, I doubt it will do alot. I’d add a mesh or something if possible to not have gravel locking them out.

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well if he acualy made a good mold and the issue was only pouring urethane, I’m sure someone could make it work
Is there still enough person still using those hubs to makes it interesting though, I doubt it

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If it was a 1:1 mold to the raptor hub sleeve, then it’s a wiiide hub sleeve, probably be able to add in a kegel or abec core if decided not to produce any more raptor sleeves, but idk I’m spitballing rn