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DIY Wheels - Hollow Wheels - Very Comfy

First, I don’t know if this is the right place to post. It is a DIY build, not a skateboard, but wheels. Feel free to move if I screwed up. I’m Doug. I’ve been working on this project for the past 2 years. I made hundreds of molds, made possible by 3D printing and then cast urethane into it. I took the most popular wheels on the market and redesigned them and also drew inspiration from my past engineering experiences in engine design and also suspension engineering when I worked on a small open-wheel race car team.

I’m very confident that I DIY’ed the most comfortable street wheel on the market with the most grip as well. I am not just saying that, I have an entire data acquisition system that I’ve put together to quantify that and also recorded some cool video to display that exactly (see below). I’d say it is unique because it is completely hollow to A) reduce weight, B) provide superior impact absorption C) provide really low rolling resistance D) provide very high grip.

Watch this video of the Hollow Wheel in action compared to other wheels:

During these years, I’ve worked with a lot of beta testers and got a dizzying array of feedback. One thing for sure is that people have their own riding style and want different things. So I took the packaging constraints and designed a system where you can essentially adjust the ride characteristics with “adjustable suspension inserts”. I don’t have a good marketing name, but it sounds fancy enough. Nevertheless, you can change the weight, the sidewall stiffness, and radial stiffness with these inserts in order to fine-tune the level of comfort, grip, or range that you so do desire.

Just wanted to say hi and if you guys have any questions, please let me know. I already paid for tooling and it’s going live. I’d like to keep this thread open to answer any questions and just post up interesting content of the wheel as I create it.



Cool to have you on the forum!

I think you are much welcome here.


Thank you! Would love your input with your advance degree in armchair engineering!



what sort of a range hit do you get with these tires -20%???


It’s about the same as TB110s in the most Hollow configuration. That said, you do have the opportunity to put in a different insert when you want to go on a longer session yet retain a lot of comfort and extra grip.

Here is a video to explain the adjustable suspension part and how it can impact range (positively):


this should be in your first post…

now… tell me how many moneys I have to send you to get a set?


Got the chance to try these at the parking lot track a few weeks back - I liked them with the inserts, def felt more grippy and “grounded” over bumps in the turns, somewhere between thane and tiny nummies.


Hello Doug and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Cool project, welcome


Hello, that’s a bold statement
Really curious to see those tested by buyers :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty interesting video

Really curious to test them by myself U.u

Why did you decided on size of 105mm? Do you think that making them the size of cloudwheels 120mm would have any reasonable benefits?

105 mm seems perfect to me, but I like small wheels


I feel like I don’t believe this until I see #'s All of these hollow wheels have had much higher rolling resistance, usually resulting in ~25% range loss. TB110’s range loss is 0, like you can get max range with them because they’re just standard large urethane wheels.

You’re telling me that you can swap TB110 to these and have the same range? Nah, need numbers

Cool project though. Looked like the cloudwheels came second in your testing, which makes sense. I found those extremely comfortable to ride


yeah I feel @TheGoodMomentum is being a little disingenuous… by starting same~same as TB110s

just as much as i’m saying you’re being a little bit devious stating:

I like the contact patch, I like the theory, I’d like some numbers… Doug claims he has full telemetry… let’s let the numbers tell the story…


@TheGoodMomentum are you going to be at this Sunday’s Intro to speed? Would love to try the wheels out!


@DEEIF tell us whatcha think!!!

seriously interested


if not ask Mario what he thought… not that annoying sawyer dude…


Mmm fair enough, but I mean TB110 is the standard right so like what are we comparing them to? No one wants to ride 107’s, and if you make your pulley ratio equivalent coming from a different size wheel, it should have no range impact

Maybe not 0 but my point was the 110 is a baseline. We know cloudwheels use up more range than 110’s, same with Onsra wheels and other airless wheels

Don’t get me wrong I’m interested too, will be interesting to see the telemetry